Martwayne | Power Through Fashion: Pictures & Testimonials

Pictures & Testimonials

The best part of what we do is seeing our students grow from complete novices to proper fashion designers.  Our class activities'  and students' work are posted on our vibrant Instagram page:  @martwayne

Here are some pictures of students at work as well as testimonials of our Courses.  Let's start with some testimonials...

THIS is what they go through...

At the Beginning... Session 1 of the Foundation / Beginners Course...

Pattern-Making Classes:

Design & Illustration Classes:



(Before & After... :-D)

Project Defence...:

Garment Construction / Sewing Classes:

Checking the Fit...




Some Finished Garments:

Stunning work from our 11-year old... :-D



We Work Hard...


AND we play hard...

We Celebrate With Each Other...


Generally have fun...

And love taking selfies! :-D

& Pictures!

& When It's All Over, It's done with a GRIN!

AND!  We always help out where we can when it comes to starting your clothing line by helping out with clothing labels & adjustable mannequins!

BUT!  The best part that makes all the hard work worth it are the TESTIMONIALS we get from  our participants!



And of course, we still have our testimonials from Fashion Talk!

We have LOTS more pictures but we'll stop here.  To see more, don't forget to follow us on Instagram @martwayne !

We look forward to you joining us and also putting your pictures up on our wall!

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