Martwayne | Power Through Fashion: Short Course in Design, Fashion Illustration & Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Short Course in Design, Fashion Illustration & Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

This Course teaches the creative sides of fashion!

Sometime late last year, I had several conversations with people in the past about creativity and how to draw but I could really identify with 2 different designers who were a bit unsure of themselves.  

The first lady had submitted some sketches for a competition and was totally gutted when she did not make the cut-off list and she contacted me.  When I asked her to show me the sketches she submitted, she sent me the following images - [please note that I have her permission to post these pictures]:

From the sketches, I knew instantly why her designs were not shortlisted and I told her as much.

Not long after that, I spoke with a designer who had just resigned her job but was worried because she said she was not sure if she could really cope because she knows she is not creative as such.  And yes I could identify with that as well.

Before I went to fashion school, I could not draw to save myself, much less communicate my ideas (if I had any at all) on paper.  So yes, I am speaking from experience.  I learnt every single thing that I know now... and that I teach now - FROM SCRATCH!

And this is why we decided to launch this course - especially since we know people would soon start entering for competitions, fashion schools, starting their fashion businesses and  meeting with customers.  To succeed in any of these areas, they would need to develop portfolios and understand how to defend their collections or designs if they stood a chance at winning or getting a positive outcome.  

I often tell people that if customers give you a magazine to copy, then I doubt they consider you a designer at all.  And that is where a lot of designers I chat to have found themselves.  And this is simply because, without a portfolio, you cannot get your customers to choose from your designs or see you as more than a seamstress.  And I say that in no disrespectful way whatsoever!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a dressmaker or a seamstress.

But if you are a designer, then you need to operate as one - to earn more respect from your customers and also get them to choose from your designs.  And this Course is here to teach you just that!  :-D

About The Short Course in Design & Illustration with Computer-Aided Design:

And the best part is... we will teach EVERYTHING from scratch... and we have various options available whether you are a beginner or are already a fab illustrator and only want to learn the CAD aspect to enhance your skills! 

Here is a snapshot of our previous classes.  Click on the link below to see more pictures...

So What Will You Learn?

The Full Course is in 3 parts:

Part 1:  Design, Concept Development & Portfolio Presentation

-  Developing Your Designs from a Theme or an Idea;
-  The Design & Production Process; 
-  Understanding Colours & Fabrics; 
-  Understanding Technical Drawings & how to Communicate your Designs to your Tailor to Minimise Errors;
-  Developing the Documentation Required in a Design Project; 
-  Developing & Defending Your Fashion Collection.

Benefits of the Course:

Now the beauty about this part is you would actually be required to develop a proper fashion collection and defend it.  You never really know what you can do except you are pushed.  I recall in the last class a student who initially created a project which I rejected and then she came up with an AWESOME collection based on medical injections!  I was blown away and actually placed an order for one or two of her work!  

In another class, we actually discovered that a student got her target market wrong based on her designs.  NOW she thought her target market was aged 24 - 35 whilst her designs showed she should have been targeting a market for sophisticated women aged 40 and above.  Without that exercise, she would have been frustrated and would have made made ZERO sales because she would have been marketing her work to the wrong people.  It was a real eye opener.

So if you can, you really should do this part!  You will be amazed at what you will come up with when you push yourself!

Here are pictures of students defending their work.  It is actually quite rigorous and it makes you adjust to constructive criticism so I will really encourage you to.

Part 2: Manual Illustration

-  Drawing the Fashion Figure;
-  Body & Spinal Movements;
-  Facial Features & Hair;
-  Clothing the Fashion Figure
-  Technical Drawings and Design Details
-  Rendering (colouring) Clothes, etc

Part 3:  Digital Illustration - Computer-Aided Design



And this is the portion where you learn how to perform the magic on your designs using CAD! 

Course Fees & Registration Options:

There are different Options depending on your level of skill.  They are as follows:

Option 1:  Design, Fashion Illustration & CAD (The Full Course) - 8 weeks

This lasts 8 weeks.  The fees are N90,000.  You will need a tablet or a smartphone for this Course.

Option 2:  Part 1 Only 

These are for students wishing to do Part 1 only.  The fees are N35,000 and it lasts 2 sessions.

Option 3: Fashion Illustration with CAD (Parts 2 and 3). 

The fees are N75,000.  The duration is 6 weeks.

Option 4:  Fashion Illustration OR CAD Only (Part 3) - 3 weeks (weekday & weekend);

Either option costs N60,000 only.  

Option 5:  Design & Fashion Illustration OR CAD Only (Parts 1 & 3) - 4 weeks (weekday & weekend);

Either option costs N70,000 only.  

Class Schedule:

Weekday Option:  Tuesdays only from 10am (2 sessions per day).

Weekend Option: Saturdays only (2 sessions/day) from 10am.

How to Register:

Registration is easy!  Simply pay the fees by cash or bank transfer into the following account:

"Martwayne Limited", 023 710 3843 at any GTBank branch 

Please send the details of payment to us through any of the following means to get the venue details.  


All classes take place at our Training Center at 8, Sholeye Crescent, off Ayinde Giwa Street, off Alhaji Masha Road, Surulere - Lagos .

Join us on the day at the scheduled time prompt!  We always start early so please be here early!


If you want to visit us ahead of time to check us out first, please let me know so we can make a plan.  

If you have any question whatsoever, do contact us as well.  Our details are as follows:

Office Hours:

Mondays - Fridays: 9am - 5pm
Saturdays: 12 noon - 5pm
Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed

Telephone (Office Hours): 

+ 234 818 395 8856 
+ 234 903 498 5877 

WhatsApp: +234 809 787 6075

Instagram: @martwayne


Don't forget to follow us on Social Media at the following handles:

- Instagram: @martwayne
- Twitter / Facebook / YouTube / Google + : @martwaynedotcom

Great!  That's about it!  Thank you so much everyone!  

We can't wait to have you on the Course! 

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