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Bodices & Dressmaking Course

About the Course:

This Course is only open to anyone who can already sew.  This, of course, includes beginners who have completed the Basic Fashion Course for Beginners.  Please note that if you cannot sew, you would need to complete the Basic Fashion Course for Beginners first before registering for this Course.

The Course is in 3 Modules, Module 1 which is the Fundamentals of Dress-making, Module 2 - the Intermediate and Module 3 which is the Advanced.  Each Part is a separate course meaning participants will register for each one separately (similar to how it was previously run).  Please note each Part is a prerequisite to the other meaning you cannot start from either Parts 2 or 3.

Duration & Fees:

Module 1:

Weekday Option: 5 weeks (thrice a week)
Weekend Option: 15 weeks (Saturdays only)

Course Fees: 

For students already in the system (i.e. current Martwayne students who have registered for a sewing Course), N70,000.  You will no longer need a toolkit neither will you need to pay another caution fee since those have already been paid for in the previous Sewing Course.  You will only pay a new caution fee if you have exhausted the previous one. 

For new students, the fees are N75,000.  There is an extra one-off fee of N10,000 for the toolkit and an additional refundable caution fee of N10,000 to cover damages and extensions to the Course making a total of N95,000.

Module 2:

Weekday Option: 8 weeks (thrice a week)
Weekend Option: 18 weeks (Saturdays only)
Course Fees: N75,000

Module 3:

Weekday Option: 8 weeks (thrice a week)
Weekend Option: 18 weeks (Saturdays only)
Course Fees: N75,000

There is also an optional fee of N15,000 for the texts.  Optional because you will not need to buy them if you already have them.

Time:  Classes are from 12 noon to 5pm.  Students may come in earlier at 10am to catch up on missed work.

Please note that you can actually complete the Course in a shorter period of time.  It all depends on how serious you are with the program.  We do have students who complete it in a shorter period and move on as soon as they are done.


Our classes take place at our Training Centre in Surulere, Lagos, about a 2 minute drive from the National Stadium.  

How to Register:

Registration is easy!  Simply pay the required fees by cash or online transfer into the  following account:

"Martwayne Limited", 023 710 3843 at any GTBank branch

Once this is done, please notify us through any of the following means so we can prepare for you before the classes begin:

Telephone:  0813 298 7824 / 0809 787 6075 (telephone or text message)
WhatsApp:   0809 787 6075
Instagram:   @martwayne

When you are done with this Short Course, you can choose to move on to any of the following Courses:

The Short Course in Jacket-Making &Trousers: Click here for details

or the Short Course in Design, Fashion Illustration & Computer Aided Design: Click here

Here are is a nice testimonial from a student who started from Bodices 1 and a sample of some students' work:

Click on the Picture Gallery to see pictures of some students' work.

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