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Our History

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Martwayne was set up by Tope Williams-Adewumi, a South African trained fashion designer well versed in well versed in various areas of the fashion and beauty industry, its relationship with the business community and the business of fashion.  With undergraduate degrees in Economics and Fashion Design as well as years of work experience in education consultancy and tax advisory in one of the Big Four Accounting Firms, she has has set up Martwayne simply to give people "Power Through Fashion" and merge the Fashion Industry with the business community!

OKAY!  So let me switch to the first person narrative now since I am the person writing this.

So I am sure you are probably wondering why I gave up such a fab job for fashion right?!  Nope!  It was not because I did not love my job!  I loved it to bits!  But as I have told people several times, my Eureka moment came when my tailor wrecked my clothes yet again (and I am sure many of you have experienced this before) and I thought to myself... I will learn this thing and come back to teach this lady! And that was it really.  I went to study it full time in a top fashion college in Cape Town, South Africa.

Was it easy?!  NO!  But I stuck at it and I am now doing my thing and loving every minute!

And guess what?!  You might also be in these shoes... knowing you are yet to scratch this itch.  Trust me it is not as difficult as you think it is!  If I could do it, I can assure you, anyone can!  It may not be easy... perhaps you have a family to feed or you are just scared!  You don't have to quit yet!  You can take baby steps and start by clicking on the links below to listen to my story and hopefully, that will also inspire you to take that step!

Take it from me you will LOVE fashion!  It is not easy but I can tell you I have not looked back since!

If you are too scared to take the full plunge, then start by registering for a fashion course with us at Martwayne!  We have weekend courses perfect for your lifestyle as a busy professional and test the waters first.  And guess what?!  Who knows... you just might find out you do not like sewing... - which is fine!  Fashion is not all about sewing!  There are sooooo many other areas other ways to plug in to the fashion industry.  Simply subscribe to our blog and YouTube Channel (@martwaynedotcom), read our articles, watch our videos and let us help you "Become the Designer you were Destined to Be" by helping you turn your love for fashion into a viable business!

Don't forget to click on our video to watch what we do @ Martwayne...

Wishing you all the best and hope to welcome you soon onto our Courses!


  1. Keep it going ma'am, just got motivated!! Hoping to join you soon.. Xoxo!!

  2. Weldone ma, i also have passion for fashion designing. Can i get the breakdown of your training fee and duration? Am also not in lagos


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