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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Online Patternmaking Course - Get your FREE access before the coupon code expires!

Wow!  It has been a really hectic past few weeks!  The sleepless nights, editing videos, uploading videos... and it was all really worth it when I saw the end result!   And this is me OFFICIALLY launching our new Martwayne Online Learning portal!!!!!!  Gosh! I am typing this on my laptop so I do not have the dancing emoticon!  It has been rollercoaster of a ride and it has been so worth it!  So say a new warm welcome to your latest digital entrepreneur!!! :-D :-D :-D

So anyways.... now you know why I have not blogged in A WHILE!!!!!  And we have finally launched our very first official online Course which is open to the public!  We use it in-house at Martwayne and to be honest I was so hesitant to formally launch it to the public.  But I have always believed in just doing it.... and seeing I practise what I preach, I took the bull by the horns!

We have had so many sign ups and such great feedback!  BUT I realised I had no actually put up a proper blog post on it.  Would be so unfair to have you on my mailing list and not give you the opportunity to sign up for this Course before it expires!  And that is why I am furiously typing this, so you get it in your mailbox before my quota expires for the month! :-D

The beauty is - you also get a Confirmation of Completion at the end of the Course... and we have our very own social media portal RIGHT on the learning platform.  It has been amazing!

So hurry before it expires.  Here is the link to join the Course.  Don't forget to follow the prompts to get the promo code!  This promo code expires very soon so please do not procrastinate.  

In the meantime... enjoy pictures from the Portal and watch out for other upcoming online Courses coming up this month! :-D

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