Martwayne | Power Through Fashion: New Instagram Post @martwayne October 12, 2018 at 09:22PM

Friday, October 12, 2018

New Instagram Post @martwayne October 12, 2018 at 09:22PM

#TGIF everyone!!!!! After a very stressful week, I am more than happy to participate in my first ever social media challenge in support of an amazing cause for a lady who rose above bullying. @badgirlriri_ must notice by force! Lol! . . @adetutuo.j This one's for you! I think I look hawt with my tribal marks haha! #iamstillafinegeh . . #martwayne #powerthroughfashion #fashion #beauty #instablog #LinkedIn #Pinterest #liveyourdreams #saynotobullying #selflove . . Hi everyone.. A lot of friends and well wishers have been calling for me to initiate the #tribalmarkschallenge It is timely and a good idea. So here is what we will do to get my campaign the attention it needs. It's called The #adetutuojtribalmarkschallenge. Here is how to support me; 1. Get a foundation that is darker than your shade and draw the exact @adetutuoj tribalmark pattern on your face. 2. Use any motivating caption with the Hashtags #Badgirlriri #adetutuojtribalmarkschallenge #adetutuoj #donjazzy and mention @badgirlriri @fentybeauty @adetutuoj 3. Tag @Adetutuoj @badgalriri @fentybeauty on the picture on your post. 4. I shall at the instance of your post repost on my page. 5. Go to my page under your own post and begin to tag/mention your friends and as many as you can.. Till you emerge with the highest likes/comments. We look forward to (3) Best posts with the highest likes and comments. Expect something big. Eligibility: Lovers/fans and supporters of @adetutuoj, Fashion enthusiasts, Social media influencers, OAPs & TV personalities. Thanks & Use @fentybeauty foundation. If you do not have, you can use any foundation to draw the marks like mine and snap. And don't forget to use the hashtags. Buying likes is automatic disqualification. Blessings y'all #Adetutuojtribalmarkschallenge #Tribalmarkschallenge #Adetutuoj #Modelwithtribalmarks #Fentybeauty #badgirlriri #donjazzy #blackgirl #Africa #Embracepeoplewithtribalmarks #Empowerwomen #Beautyforashes . . Posted via Instagram October 12, 2018 at 09:22PM

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