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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

This is what I love most about Entrepreneurship.

Been away for a bit nursing my smashed phone only to come back to read this.... 

Sigh... I remember when I donated these machines to the NYSC. I didn't have the funds then but I made it happen anyway. It warms my heart knowing we have played a part in so many Corps Members' entrepreneurial journey.  And somehow, we have reaped the rewards without even knowing it! 

Thank you my diva for this amazing testimonial! And congratulations on clocking 6 years! 

Regrann from @chiviaxclusive - It has always been the dreamπŸ€— 6years and still counting. To think I'm just noticing this @martwayne sticker now! Wow 😳😳 then I couldn't afford them, I remember I had just 150k for fashion school from my little allowee savings and with the help of my family ! They already knew is fashion designing or Fashion designing! 

When I went for consultation @martwayne, @topewilliams sha has a sweet mouth but most importantly she knows what she's doing! She advised me to part with it with the hope to raise more funds when I start making clothes for people while still in school. I'm glad I took the advise. . Thanks @missveranora for referring me, it was you I had wanted to learn with but your location was Warri then. More reason I refer people to you! God bless you ma! I'm not there yet but with God I will reach that height. 6years and still countingπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ 

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