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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Countdown to Bridalwear Masterclass!!! Claim your discount before it expires!

Totally excited by the Bridalwear Bridalclass!  But before I share the latest developments on the Course, FIRST let me start off this post with an amazing testimonial!!!  I did say the best part of Entrepreneurship was impacting people's lives right?!  Well.... what better way to put a smile on a bride's face on her amazing day than her designer coming through for her in just 7 days???!!!  Wow!  That is a feat I must confess!  I suspect she must have also received a dress that she was not pleased with because the chances of a bride leaving her dress till the very last minute is very slim!

But whatever the reason was, #martwaynestudent @cute_hazel delivered and she only attended our Corsetry Course!  The bride was sooooo pleased she even sent her a video!

We also have other #martwaynestudents who have made their own dresses as well!  @liberteclothiers made her dress as well and was mighty pleased with it! 

We also have @dazzlemegorgeously (and yes I am using their Instagram handles on purpose so you can contact them if you have doubts) who attended the Corsetry Course and put this on the runway weeks later!    

Now if our students were able to churn these out with just portions of the Course, then imagine what you can achieve if you attend the complete Bridalwear Course!!!

And you get a whopping 5% discount if you register by the end of today just because it's my mum's birthday!!!! :-D  But in the Spirit of today, we will extend the deadline till Friday for you to claim the discount!

New Developments:

So we received many messages from people who would LOVE to attend the Course but cannot afford it and others who would like to register for just certain modules to save on costs!  Not to worry!  We hear you and we have taken your feedback!

We have opened up certain modules on their own for registration!  Here are the Modules, the fees and the Weeks they will hold and their fees:

Week 1:  
Corsetry & Closures -  N80,000

Week 2:  
Tambour Beading & Needlework - N80,000

Week 3:  
Advanced Patternmaking for Bridalwear & Couture - N100,000

Weeks 4 & 5:  
Skirt Variations, Veils and Undergarments (like petticoats & hooped skirts) - N80,000 

Of course you still get the amazing discount if you register for everything but you can choose the modules you want.

For more details on the Course, please click on this link:

Excellent!!!!  We look forward to you joining us!  It is TIME to start that Career you have always wanted!  Students!  Come with your A-GAME!  It will be amazing I can assure you!

Tell everyone to tell everyone!!!  We look forward to you joining us!

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