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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Would you love to be a big part of a wedding? Then become a Bridalwear Designer! Classes begin 16 July 2018.

Yes!  THE Bridalwear Masterclass!  WOW the curriculum is so packed, even I want to be a student. Lol.   Best part is this Course is a collaboration between various experts in their field and you know how we LOVE collaboration at Martwayne!  

SO!  It's no secret I made my wedding gown!  :-D  Well to be honest I tried as hard as I could not to do it myself but when the gown I ordered made me look short and fat (lol you know how vain we ladies can be - and it is one of the most important days of one's life), I decided to churn out a dress.  MUCH to my sister's pleasure!  And to be honest, I'm glad I did.  

BUT what we will teach goes wayyyyy beyond my simple dress.  In fact, if I had attended this Course before my wedding, I would have done something else.  We have done a test run and I can tell you, this Course is PACKED!  I mean, we are talking real COUTURE here.  And the beauty behind the Course is it teaches so many principles which you can even apply both for wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses and red carpet dresses. 

So What Will You Learn:

Of course the flyer says a lot but there is only so much we can put on the flyer.

First you will learn about the various bridal silhouettes, necklines and which silhouettes work with which body shapes. It is important to have proper knowledge about these so you can advise your customers appropriately.

Then we will teach how to create the patterns for each of the silhouettes mentioned - as well as other variations - especially to the skirt portion of the dresses.

Then we will teach Corsetry!  I LOVE corsets but we will also teach how to also achieve a wedding gown without corsets so you can have various options to offer your customers based on their budgets.

We will also teach the different closures we can have in wedding gowns and bridal wear.  Closures are very important to the overall look of the outfit.

Of course, no wedding gown is complete without veils.  We will teach how to create the different veils and lengths.  AND also teach how to create the undergarments such as hooped skirts and petticoats to give that volume you see in wedding gowns.

Tambour Beading is a great one we are adding to this Course.  I have tried to learn it and it is very interesting.  Some serious handwork which takes time and patience and attention to detail and sure to give your garments a fantastic look that reeks expensive and "well worth the price".

In addition to the basic pattern making you will learn, we also have a specialised module: Advanced Pattern Making Techniques.  Now this Module is another ISH module because this one is guaranteed to expand your minds and challenge you in terms of creativity. Add this to the Fabric Manipulation Modules and your output is sure to look amazing!

Of course you know for me, we are always about the business as well.  No point having a skill if you cannot make money from it so we are including some fashion business modules as well such as how to do your costing and pricing and also creative ways of finding your customers.  Of course we all know there is a BIG market for Bridalwear but it is important to be able to plug into it!

Like someone said to me, Making a wedding gown is NOT about sewing a white dress!  It is WAYYYYYYY more than that and the instructors and I are really pleased to bring all our knowledge together to create an amazing course that you will reap the benefits over and over and over again!

Duration and Course Fees:

The Bridalwear Masterclass is open to designers who can already sew.  It begins on the 16th of July 2018 and runs for 8 weeks.  Classes are on Mondays to Thursdays from 10am - 4pm.

Course Fees are N280,000 and it covers your training materials, your toolkit and training certificate.    Students, however, are required to come with their fabrics.

Registration on or before the 11th of July grants you a 5% discount off the fees. 

Course Fees can be paid into the following account by cash or online transfer before the start date:

Martwayne Limited ; 023 710 3843 ; GTBank

Please please register early so we can prepare for you!  We do have limited seats available.  We will be working with volumes and volumes of fabric and pattern paper depending on your designs so we really do have limited seats available.


All classes will hold at our Training Center at 8 Sholeye Crescent, off Ayinde Giwa Street, off Alhaji Masha Road, Surulere - Lagos.  It's really easy - just about 2 minutes from the National Stadium.  

We also have accommodation available for students from outside Lagos for the duration of the period for an extra fee.

Contact Details:

For more details, please call us on 0818 395 8856, chat to us on WhatsApp on 0809 787 6075 or by clicking on this link: Chat to Us on Whatsapp or reach us on Instagram @martwayne

Great!    Please tell everyone!!!!   Come prepared to learn and learn! 

We look forward to welcoming you!  

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