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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Why didn't she just patronize the actual designer?!

In my opinion, she got her money's worth! Patronise the designer but no 'my tailor can churn something better and she collects just N5k' is your watchword. If the tailor says I don't understand the design, you call her 'dull tailor'. 

As my friend said 'the difference between a doughnut and puff puff is a college degree'. Fashion Design is an ART not just a skill! Respect the art! Respect the designer! Pay what is due to the right person! 

Thanks a lot @jullietmorgan for sending me this! I had a good laugh! 

Regrann from @asoebibella - 😩😩😩 ! Whyyy?! Dress on the left by @sheyeoladejo #AsoEbiBella chronicles Via @Ayomikunxo - #regrann 

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