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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What a FABULOUS Testimonial to wrap up the Year! :-D

Need I say more?!  I'll just leave this right here!  Much love to you too Debbie!  

Debbie made these amazing dresses for Lola's (another Martwayne student's) bridal train and also helped Lola with her reception dress.  
And she's just in Bodices 2.  I am soooo proud of her work and other students' work as well.  

The bride, Lola, looking lovely!

There she is in blue! And another Martwayne student, Eki, on the bridal train :-D

This testimonial gives me the perfect opportunity to wrap up an amazing year with a special message to all Martwayne students, past and present and everyone who has walked through our doors.

"To all our fabulous Martwayne students who chose us to partner with them on this amazing journey, God bless you LOADS!  Thank you so very much!  We cannot do what we do without you!  You make all the hard work worth it!"

But it does not end here.  

To every single person who referred us to a loved one, may people continue to sing your praises as well. As you made us smile, may you continue to smile as well and may you always be recommended for that amazing breakthrough opportunity you have always prayed for.

And many many MANY thanks goes to my amazing team at Martwayne - everyone who currently works or has worked with us this year and every instructor we have partnered with to bring our amazing courses to life!  You guys are the best!  Through my ranting and raving and a particularly difficult year, you understood and still worked hard to make this work!  Thank you all so very much!  God bless you LOADS!

And to the ONE who made it all happen!  My Almighty Father!  Many people out there pray to find that one true thing they are passionate about, others already know but are struggling to find how to make it work!  I feel blessed to have discovered what I wanted to do a few years ago and You put all the pieces in place - the opportunities, the people, the referrals and the team!  Thank you SO MUCH Lord!  It all happened because of YOU!  And that is why all I can do is give YOU praise always!  I am truly grateful!

I have so many projects I am currently working on and I am soooooo looking forward to the New Year!  

I cannot wait to help even more people live their dreams of becoming fashion designers.  I have received many calls these past few days and I cannot wait to start the New Year!

Here's to an even 2017 ahead!  Cheers!



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