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Sunday, October 2, 2016

YES! NOW for what happened at Fashion Talk 2! Did I tell you it was AWESOME???!!! It was TRES FAB!

YES IT WAS!!!  Oh my goodness! 

The pictures! 

Our sold-out seats!  

The fah-bu-lous speakers! 

:-D.... of course I have to add myself somewhere in there even though I did the least

 The FOOD! 

 And best of all THE FEEDBACK!!!

  Awesome!  Awesome!! AWESOME!!!

Ok... now that you've seen the end... let's start at the very beginning! :-D

It all started with this flyer....  Well actually no it did not... it started with this flyer which was more detailed but this particular one started our countdown flyer!

And why Fashion Talk 2?!  Well Fashion Talk 1 was a huge success and so we thought, well why not have another one.  The economy was tough, designers were complaining about putting so much effort into sewing for people but the market not willing to pay for the services and worse, being disrespected but their customers.  To be honest, it was really about time to move away from bespoke to ready to wear.  That really was the only way to still remain in business and charge a bit less.

The Speakers:

We had 3 areas we needed to focus on:  

Starting Off & Expanding  |   Finances  (& of course) |   Production  

And the search was on to find the best people that could address those 3 areas!  And boy... did they do justice to those topics!  So who handled which topic?!  I'll tell you just now!


Our amazing Karen Ubani handled Starting & Expanding Your Ready to Wear Line! 

A former professional who used to work in PWC and left it all for fashion shared how she started off the business from literally nothing and grew it to what it is today!  And best of all, she produces in Nigeria!  

I love her to bits!  She was as real as they come!  My favourite quote which literally comes to mind every single day since the event was:

"You know when you have plenty money, you will be doing nonsense!  You will be spending money anyhow.  But when you are broke, that is when you will have sense"!  

LOL!  SO TRUE!!!  I have lived it first hand!  And I am still living it! In fact that is the case right now with the recession we are now going through!  

She spoke about how she handles her tailors, how to live by your financial model so you don't make stupid financial decisions and best of all, how to CONTROL YOURSELF when going fabric shopping, how she buys fabrics on credit in the market - yes o!  That same market and my goodness she said SO MUCH!  Oh every single thing she said made so much sense you JUST have to get the DVD!


Chike Agwuncha (left) & Damola Ajayi (right) of Jumia
(oh bless them.... you guys are the bomb!) 
handled the finances part... specifically MAKING SALES!  

Of course, that is the MAJOR issue facing businesses!  You have to know how to sell!  And they were fab at highlighting how to avoid making the many mistakes designers make on their platform, what sells, what does not sell, and best of all they told us about Jumia Local - a new platform launched by Jumia targeted at Nigerian fashion designers!

I loved Jumia's segment!  We were able to tackle them and goodness, tackle them we did!  Even Karen tackled them!  She knew first hand the issues with their platform and so did a lot of other people present!  See tackling...

We vented and vented and vented!  It was our opportunity to express ourselves which was great!  Thats why this sort of forum is necessary.  They need to hear about the issues designers were constantly facing on their platform.  The great thing was they took it in good faith and yes took the feedback back to their office.  

And the best part is, we have had a meeting with them based on the suggestions raised about Designers Connect Network.  We will give you feedback on what happened in the meeting soon enough.


Mrs Ethel Bunting.... oh how I love this woman!  She spoke about Production!

And guess what?!  She also produces for designers!  She also acted as our motivation on sticking with it an edit will eventually materialize!  Everyone loved her segment and of course, it is such a breather knowing we can pass our work to someone else while we focus on the core of our business.  She was also REAL!  Even shared how much she pays some of her staff just to give us an idea of the kind of costs we should be looking at when setting up and how to handle our tailors.  She was amazing!  And yes!  I am still getting calls from people asking for her number.  The need is there!


SO!  Now that you know what happened at Fashion Talk 2, it's time for my favourite part..... PICTURE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

The Day Before...

Set up was complete and the folders sorted.  And yes!  This is our Training Centre! :-D  Did I tell you our seats were sold out a day before the deadline date?!  We had to even launch a campaign asking people not to register anymore. We can only thank God right?!


Morning of the Event:

Oh yes!  The team was there bright and early sorting out sandwiches and waiting for the finger food to be delivered!  It was a lot of work but we aced it! :-D

Just before the event:

Goodness did I mention that it rained cats and dogs on the day?!  It rained HEAVILY but the very first guest showed up AN HOUR before the event!  When we were still setting up!  I was SOOOOO thankful. We had a few calls from people asking if the event would be cancelled because of the rain and I said NO WAY!  AND THEY CAME!!!!!  Gosh I cannot thank the participants enough!


Listening with rapt attention and taking notes...

MENU TIME!!!!!!  :-D :-D :-D

Doesn't the food look de-lish!  Don't you just love those disposable plates?!  Found them at the last minute and I thought it was so worth what we paid for it!  So proud of myself! :-D

AFTER the event!  Always LOVE the smiles and the selfies!!!

You've seen the testimonials already!  

And you know what I think?  I think the immeasurable knowledge, the food, the ambience, the networking - EVERYTHING WAS A BARGAIN for N5k only!  And the best part of it?!  You can never forget that experience.  I know I canNOT!

And who do we have to thank?!  The FAH-BU-LOUS Martwayne team!  You guys are just the BEST!  Without you guys, it would not have gone as smoothly as it did!


This is me thanking every single person who made this work! The speakers for their time, the participants for registering early enough so we could get everything set up - AND showing up early, the team for their dedication, the vendors who came through for us at the last minute when others cancelled and the biggest thanks goes to GOD who made it all possible!  YOU are just the GREATEST!

If you missed it?  Not to worry!  You can get the DVD!  It's N2,000 only and it will soon be ready .  


You have to place your order BEFORE time!  To order one is easy!

Simply transfer the fees into "Martwayne Dynamiques, 101 411 8569, Zenith Bank"

AFTER payment

Please send an SMS Only to 0809 787 6075 with the details:

"Fashion Talk 2 DVD, Your Name & Your E-Mail Address"

We can also deliver to people within and outside Lagos.  If you would like us to deliver, please send a WhatsApp message to 0809 787 6075 to get the delivery rates.  You would have to pay that with the order and send us your address after you make payment!  

Excellent!  Sorry the post came late!  But better late than never!

Next up... what happens after Fashion Talk 2!  Watch out for the next post!


  1. I can't wait to get my hands on the CD.

  2. WOW!! I dunno how i missed this but I'm definitely getting the dvds. The food looks really good by the way. well done!


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