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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

FAB end to our 2016 summer classes for kids (ages 9-16)! :-D

My goodness WHAT an experience!  I cannot even begin to explain how amazing this Course was...  We had SUCH a fab time with the Juniors over the summer holidays!  We actually thought "hey how hard can it be hosting children between 9 and 11?" Easy peasy right?!  Or so we thought!  Little did we know that these kids were 9 and 11 going on 29 and 31! You can clearly tell from the quotes!  "Quotes to live by" I call them... lol

Yes they worked hard and played hard!  But I guess what was so refreshing was their willingness to continue.  In fact... classes were meant to end at 2 but some asked their parents to come at 5pm.  In fact Lase asked if her dad could come at 7pm!  And I was like..... errrr..... no way!

And when the day was over, it was always tough asking them to pack up to leave!  Gosh sometimes we had to beg and cajole them just so they would not leave in tears.  And they also wanted to come everyday!  There we were thinking oh... they needed the rest but goodness!  They were rearing to go!

And of course, the end result was really worth it!  Not only did they make their own skirts - WITH a sewing machine, they also made for their mothers and sisters as well.  Sadly we did not have many pictures of Mummies wearing their skirts.  But we were able to get a snapshot from Lase's Mum on her instagram page.   

And in the dazzle class, Lase also blinged out her plain tee-shirt and made a teeny cute one for her baby sister as well... how cute and thoughtful  :-D

I am really hoping the other Mummies take pictures of their own skirts as well and send to us so we can post them.  We are so proud of them! :-D

Did they enjoy the Course?!  MOST DEF!  You can tell from their faces!  And when it was all over, we had a tiny party and a small fashion show...  We have some budding models up in the house!!!  Whoop whoop!  Check out the pictures and click on the link for the full video.

And here are the happy cuties with their Certificates! :-D

At the end of the day, it was a lot of work but it was well worth it in the end!  Click on the link and check it out for yourselves!

Ladies... you were such a blast!  You stuck it out and you delivered!  I am soooooo impressed and you were a bundle of joy to be around!  We love you to bits and cannot wait to see you next year!  MWAH!


So what's next?!

YES!  Fashion Talk 2 is coming up on Saturday.  And the next stream of the Beginners, Bodices and also the Fashion Illustration Courses are coming up!  Watch this space!

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