Martwayne | Power Through Fashion: Enjoy the new discounted fees on our Design, Fashion Illustration and Computer Aided Design Classes for beginners and experienced illustrators (ladies wear option). Start Date: 17 and 21 September 2016

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Enjoy the new discounted fees on our Design, Fashion Illustration and Computer Aided Design Classes for beginners and experienced illustrators (ladies wear option). Start Date: 17 and 21 September 2016

Oh goodness.... I have been so carried away with Fashion Talk 2 that I totally neglected to push our next set of upcoming courses.  Like seriously right?!  And it is coming up in just a few weeks.  So I'll start off with the first one - which as always I am excited about - the Design and Illustration with Computer Aided Design Course! Perfect for those who are menswear or ladies wear designers and for complete beginners who want to start off because we teach from scratch (haha... I love saying that!)!

Okies!  So this is one of my favourite courses (actually to be honest we don't have a favourite course because each one has its own special place) but I LOVE this course because this is where people really put on their thinking caps and delve deep into their creative beings, learning to see with their third eye and perceiving things with their sixth sense.  Sound like gibberish?!  Talk to a real designer and you will know that we live in our own world where we see things differently than others do!  This is where you learn to work the right side of your brain and goodness you have no clue what you will come up with when you design.  

In fact, I often say once you know how to design, you will never accept magazines from people to copy styles because YOU KNOW it is such a waste of a talent you never even knew you had!  And THAT my friends is what is called the "design part of fashion" i.e. the real art of fashion design.


The Course was created to help designers work on their innate creative abilities.  Often times many have ideas they cannot put on paper, while others are unable to build a portfolio which they can use to showcase their skills when approaching a customer.  And no - showcasing your skills does not necessarily mean the clothes have to be sewn. 

And trust me it is a TOUGH process but once you get the hang of it, you will truly love fashion!  The depth of research, the development of an idea that seems impossible and how to draw inspiration from what you never even thought about is actually very exciting.


You will learn From Scratch how to:
  • develop a fashion collection and portfolio;
  • develop your designs from a source of inspiration;
  • understand colours and fabrics;
  • communicate your ideas to your tailor using technical drawings in order to minimise errors;
  • sketch and clothe a fashion figure;
  • draw facial features, hair and spinal movements;
  • digitally enhance your fashion illustrations with a cad software; and
  • develop a portfolio for use during fashion competitions, fashion school applications and when meeting your customer.
And I kid you not, this is just a snapshot of the real deal!


It is in 3 parts:

Part 1:  Design & Concept Development  

How to develop your designs from an idea or a  source of inspiration using the tools of the design process.  This is really the creative part of fashion!  A lot of brainwork and research goes into this.

From concept to actual design.  
Theme:  Beauty from Ashes  |  Inspiration: The Phoenix  |  Designer Oladunjoye

Part 2:  Manual Illustration

How to draw and clothe the fashion figure, including spinal movements, facial features and technical drawings!

We start from straight lines and circles
[which I'm pretty sure everyone can ace] :-):

to fleshing out and clothing the fashion figure:

then manual rendering:

Part 3:  Digital Illustration with Computer-Aided Design Software

And this is where you learn how to develop your magic using CAD turning your illustrations from nice to FAB!

You can see how we teach... ... very thorough and detailed...

And these are some of our students' work

The best part is this Course shows you who you REALLY ARE as a designer and helps you develop your own signature rather than trying to copy someone else's!


Oh.... I am extremely excited to share this new development! :-D :-D :-D

We all know how TOUGH the economy has been on everyone.  And we soooooo feel you on this one! So while prices are on the rise generally, we have reviewed ours downwards!!! :-D :-D :-D  Isn't that great?!

So what have we done????!!!!!  Instead of the N90,000 for the full Course, we have made it.....

Drumroll please..........

N75,000 for the full course!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok what did we do?!  No we did not rip you off in the past!  Far from it! EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED THIS COURSE WILL TELL YOU IT IS A BARGAIN!  OK Don't believe me?!  First things first, the initial N85,000 which then became N90,000 because of the increase in the dollar included the cost of the digital graphic tablet.  Yes we do have to order your tabs and bring them in and digital tablets cost at least N25-N30k.  Just ask around or conduct your research! 

BUT now, we have decided students can come with their normal tablets!  Which of course means we can take out the cost of the digital graphic tablet and make it optional!  And before you say anything, I can safely tell you the digital tab did not cost N15k in the first place.  We absorbed some of the costs just to make the course more affordable!  

We also realised some students who already had tablets had to buy laptops just so they could use the graphic tabs on them.  And we thought surely there had to be a way to prevent people from spending more money in this tight economy?!  And we came up with a GREAT plan!

So YUP!  The fees are now N75,000 for the full course and you can use your own normal portable tablet.:-D  BUT you need to get the FULL version of the software!  That we can give you details before you start the CAD Course.  

For those who still want to to get the digital tablet for use with your laptops, you can buy one from us for N25,000 only - which is still a bargain!  You cannot get it for cheaper elsewhere trust me!  I think we still have some in stock!  

So going forward, please bring your tabs and in fact seeing I am so excited about this, I'll even throw in a FREE compatible digital pen for the first 9 people who register. I have a lot more than I need so the first 9 people who register get one for free!  That way you don't have to use your fingers during the class and your work can be more precise!  I have tested it on an iPad and a Samsung, and it works in the CAD software space! 

BUT after the first 9, if you want one, you will have to buy it because I have to order it.  If you already have one, great!  If you don't mind using your fingers, that is also fab!  But using your fingers isn't really neat so it's best to get one  :-)

Ok... so it is now N75,000 for the full course ( yes I"ve said that enough times already)!

BUT the best part is, you still get options!  Meaning you don't have to do everything.  Just pick the one you want and register for just that bit!


You get 5 whole options!!! :-D :-D :-D

Option 1: Full Course: Parts 1, 2 & 3 - N75,000
Option 2: Parts 2 and 3 only - N60,000
Option 3: Part 2 or Part 3 only - N45,000 (but those going for Part 2 only need to pay an extra N3,500 for the drawing kit)
Option 4: Part 1 only - N30,000
Option 5: Part 1 with Part 2 or Part 3 - N55,000

So basically it's N15,000 cheaper per option without the design part!  The design only is N30,000 and the design only with any of the other parts is N55,000 only (which was what we charged wayyyy back then early 2015!)  Easy!  To the point!  Saves me the stress of having to calculate over and over again.  And everybody is smiling!


Only the ladies wear route is available.   The dates are as follows:

Part 1 (Design & Concept Development) begins: 

Weekend Option: 17th September, 2016 (10am - 2pm)
Weekday Option:  21st September, 2016 (12 noon - 4pm)

Part 2 (Manual Illustration) begins:

Weekend Option: 17th September (2.15pm - 6pm); subsequent classes hold 10am-2pm
Weekday Option: 28th September, 2016 (12 noon - 4pm) 

Part 3 (Digital Illustration) begins:

Weekend Option: 8th October, 2016 (2.15pm - 6pm) 
Weekday Option: 20th October, 2016 (12 noon - 6pm) 


Full Course: 8 weeks

Weekdays: Wednesdays & Thursdays
Weekends: 10am - 6pm (2 sessions per day)

Option 2: 7 weeks

Option 3: 3.5 weeks each

Option 4: 2 sessions

Option 5: Pretty much 4.5 weeks

Easy!  The next thing you need to do now is to register for the Course! :-D


Phew!  Thought you'd never ask!

Simply transfer the fees by cash or online transfer into "Martwayne Dynamiques, 101 411 8569, Zenith Bank.  

When you're done, please contact us on:

Tel: 0818 395 8856 or 0903 498 5877
WhatsApp: 0809 787 6075
Blackberry PIN: 2AC0E9AD

Venue is in Surulere about 2 minutes from the National Stadium towards Masha Roundabout.  You are welcome to visit before the day BUT don't worry your money is safe with us.  Look at our happy students: :-D

Yes!  That's make-up-less me in the colourful dress! :-D

So yes!  The Course starts soon so hurry and register!  You really don't want to miss this opportunity! Please reach out to me if you have questions!  I cannot wait to meet you all! SAVE THESE DATES!


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  1. Wow! Beautiful love learn the course but can afford it now, but I will like to do my one IT with you. I am a ND holder in Fashion Design and clothing technology. Very hard working my email


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