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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What happened to your dream of becoming a fashion designer?

Yes!  What happened to that dream?!  Year in year out we hear the same old story.... don't worry in the New Year I will definitely pursue it.  Come first January, you get all gingered up!  Yes this time I'll do it!  Then half way through the year, the excuses have piled up simply because of the FEAR that is deep within you.  This time next year, you will still tell the same story.  Aren't you exhausted already?!  Imagine what will happens 10 years down the line when you are filled with regret?!

I remember when I was planning to resign to go to fashion school.  Everyone supported me but a few said:

"why not wait to get married first?"
"why not wait to complete ICAN?"
"why not add more to your work experience?"

You know what went through my mind?!  As they were telling me those things, I had my own answers ready for them.

"what if I stay and I still don't get married in 3 years?"
"what if they keep changing the syllabus and the time it takes to complete it gets longer?"
"well... I can always find work when I'm there or even when I'm back"

The truth is there will never be a right time to get things done.  You just have to take the bull by the horn.  I know my sister was worried things would have changed in 3 years.  3 years sounded sooooo long to her to leave and return to expect things to remain the way they were.  

But guess what?!  I have gone and come back - it's all done and dusted now!  In fact fashion school is now but a memory after all I left in 2009!  Almost 7 years ago now!  And all the "why not"s now seem so irrelevant now.  

-  I am now married;
-  Ok granted I didn't finish ICAN but what the heck! I can always pay an accountant to get the job done for me; and if I even really feel like doing it, I can start again or even choose to do ACCA now but like my sister told me, what do you need it for?!
-  Please the experience I have in running a business is on another level!  Gosh who would ever have thought right?!

So really those stories will remain stories till you do something about it!  And with the way the economy is going with people getting laid off...  you really don't want to wake up tomorrow to get a termination letter or SMS with no Plan B - especially if you have a family to feed!  It is time to plan ahead while the going is good!

And that is why NOW is as good a time as any to stop procrastination in its tracks before we hit the "ember" months!  NOW is a time as good as any to register for a Beginners Course or our Bodices & Dressmaking Course (if you can already sew).

Yes yes!  These are the 2 of the 3 entry points into our sewing courses at Martwayne. 

The Beginners Course is for those who have absolutely no idea how to sew while the Bodices and Dress making Course is for those who can already sew but want to improve on their skills.

What Will You Learn?!

Oh plenty!  Our students can definitely tell you that!

As a beginner, you will learn about:

  • the many many ways you can make money form the fashion industry;
  • the design and production process;
  • how to approach your customer and conduct yourself in such a way that they will be begging for your services and pay whatever you ask them to pay;
  • how to prepare the documentation in your fashion business in order to appear as a professional to your clients;
  • how to take PERFECT body measurements to avoid mistakes;
  • how to convert these measurements into a pattern - yes we all our courses include pattern making!!! :-D
  • how to conduct a fitting after creating the sample;
  • how to finalise your block patterns;
  • Of course you will learn how to sew FROM SCRATCH including all the tools you will need to start off;
  • how to bill for your work to enable you make a profit!
And this is just a snap shot really... In the Bodices Course, you get right into the grind and start perfecting your body measurements and developing your block patterns asap!  

How much do the Courses cost?

Well... the Beginners Course is the first stage of our Foundation Course in Fashion Design. It costs N73,500 in total and this includes your toolkit and your refundable caution fee.

The Bodices & Dressmaking Course is in 3 parts.  Part 1 costs a total of N78,500 also including your toolkit and refundable caution fee.

How long does it last for?

The duration depends on if you are running the weekday option or the weekend option.


Beginners: 4 weeks, Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

Bodices & Dress-Making: 5 weeks, Same days.

Weekend for busy professionals

Beginners: 12 weeks, Saturdays only

Bodices & Dressmaking: 15 weeks, Saturdays only

Truth be told, some people finish in less time depending on how dedicate you are.

How do I register?

Easy!  Simply pay the fees by cash or online bank transfer into: 

Martwayne Dynamiques, 101 411 8569,  Zenith Bank

and call: 0818 395 8856 / 0903 498 5877 or SMS / WhatsApp: 0809 787 6075 just to give us a heads up!  You can also e-mail or with the details.

Okies!  That's about it!

If you have any questions or want us to call you back, simply fill the contact form below and we'll call you back asap!  We can only do local calls only.

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Okies!  I promised myself I would only do short posts from now on but sadly I cannot resist!  HAHA!  Please reach out to us and please tell everyone you know who is in these shoes!  Think of it as your good deed for the day! :-D

Many many many thanks!

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