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Sunday, August 14, 2016

It's time for Fashion Talk 2

Yes yes! It is time for Fashion Talk 2!  When we had it last year, who knew we would make it an annual event?  But here we are again, almost a year later - I cannot even believe how much time has flown by!  It is just amazing!

So what is Fashion Talk 2 about?!  The flyer says it all!  We have 3 great speakers to touch on the 3 major aspects of running a ready-to-wear line.  Our theme for this year is:

"Growing Your Ready to Wear Line" 

 with a focus on starting up, expanding, finances and of course production!

Here are the details.  I will state them again just in case the information in the flyer is tiny.

Date: Saturday, 10 September, 2016

Time: 1pm - 5pm PROMPT!  Those who came last year we started on the dot of 1pm! We have no time for time! 

Gate Fee: N5,000 only!  And this covers your light refreshments and the CD when it is available.  You would have to pick up the CD in our office when it is ready.

Martwayne students, don't worry I have your back!  You all get 25% off :-D

Venue:  The Martwayne Training Centre, Surulere - Lagos.  Yes this year it is happening at Martwayne and people will tell you we do have limited space so the seats will be limited as well.  Please register early to reserve a seat!

How to Register:

Easy!  As always, cash or online bank transfer into Martwayne Dynamiques, 101 411 8569, Zenith Bank.  When you are done, please send an SMS ONLY with the details "Fashion Talk 2, Your Name and E-Mail Address" only to 0809 787 6075.  We need your phone numbers and email addresses to send reminders to you!

No WhatsApp messages or Blackberry messages please.  ONLY an SMS for better coordination.  We will send you the address.

Registration closes 8 September 2016. Please please no registration on the day because we will not make provision for those who have not registered ahead of time.

Okies!  What else?!  The Speakers?!  Haha!  Not to worry.... I will not disappoint!  Just check out last year's video and the testimonials :-D

So please, don't procrastinate, don't postpone.  Register as soon as you read this post. I can't wait to see you there!  Please tell someone!  Invite someone!  Sponsor someone else!  

Please spread the word!

Many many many thanks!

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