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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pictures from our Feb 2016 Stream of the Design & Illustration Class with Computer-Aided Design :-D

Wow! We had SUCH a huge turnout in the recently concluded Stream of the DI with CAD Course, we had to stop taking registrations.  It was QUITE overwhelming but totally amazing!  But most importantly, the smiles on the faces and the testimonials made it all worth it!

This particular set was so inspiring.  The weekend students had LONG days.... from 10am - 6m and despite that, they showed up for classes, amidst the rain, long travel times and illnesses.  Their enthusiasm was so infectious and the willingness to learn and deliver on work was incredible!  In fact, a student who started late failed to be deterred when I rejected his first project.  He asked to present again with the weekend class and did an outstanding job! Honestly, this set was TRULY the ISH and brought out the best in the instructors!  

Okies!  Enough talk now!  Check out the slideshow! 

Simply click on this link:

Nice right?!  And dare I say, a lot of the students had next to nothing knowledge of fashion sketching and ZILCH knowledge about CAD but the work and their presentations were outstanding!

The highlight of the Course to me was how each student interpreted the theme "Beauty from Ashes" in their own unique way.  Really inspiring!  Of course not everyone complete the project but to those of you who did... know this... I am really proud of the fact that you stuck with it till the very end!  Really really REALLY PROUD of you! I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!!

And you can be just like them as well!  Starting from no knowledge at all and learning how to develop you own designs, draw them out and create a stunning portfolio ALL FROM SCRATCH!  

And how can you do that?!  Simply by registering for the next Stream of the Class.  Details will follow as soon as we set the next dates!


Oh PS!  

And I just have to tell you that this marks the end of not-so-great pictures going forward.... except of course, I have to take a quick one without warning.   My sister just sowed an amazing seed of a brand spanking new camera into my life for my birthday so our pictures will be wayyyyy better from now on.  Just check out the quality of the images from the camera...

Click on the link to see more pictures...

Aren't the pictures incredible?!  And this is me still using the auto settings on the camera! Amazing!

Here's me saying a HUGE MASSIVE THANK YOU to my sister!  You are just fantastic!  Thank you so much and God bless you LOADS!  Here's to shooting better-quality YouTube videos :-D

I will still post the ones I have already taken with my phone.  Have one I have not yet finished editing that I shot with Mai Atafo and another with Tosho Woods.  Look out for them!


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