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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Martwayne's Sewing Crash Course on Zips - Another Brand Spanking NEW Course holds 23rd May 2016.

And YES this is the last in the marathon blogging session - our Sewing Crash Course on Zips!

Actually it is the start of a new Series targeting different sections of garments that people struggling with.  And why did we start this Crash Course?!  Simple!  We have had many requests from people  who want to learn specifics aspects of sewing or send their staff for some quick brush up skills without having to register for a full Course either due to limited time or funds.  It was a tough one because we had to figure out how to run a crash course and we had space constraints.  But now that we have sorted both out, here we are launching it at a VERY VERY affordable rate! :-D
So our very FIRST LESSON is on ZIPS! :-D  

We will be teaching how to sew different types of zips - from the dreaded invisible zips to the oh-so-seemingly-complicated trouser fly (which is applicable to both menswear and ladies wear by the way)!

The fees are N7,500 and we will provide the materials.  All you need to do is show up! :-D  BUT you must be able to sew for this particular lesson!  

Not to worry beginners we will have something for you soon enough and as soon as we do, we will publicise it.  As I said, this is a Series so there will be different topics every month - could be once a week or once every 2 weeks.  Whichever way it goes, we will let you know!

To register, please contact the numbers in the flyer.  Actually I'll just list them here again.

Tel: 09034985877 / 08183958856  |  WhatsApp: 08097876075  |  BB PIN: 2AC0E9AD

E-Mail:    |

Do register for the Course to brush up your skills.  Or you can send your staff or even that tailor of yours who you know is good but can be JUST THAT BIT better!  You know investing in someone is the biggest gift of all and has its own reward! :-D  I guarantee you it will be worth it!  You know we always deliver! :-D

Great!  So I'm done... for now...

I look forward to you joining us on the day!

Have a great month ahead!

Oh... PS.  

Hope to start writing again on various issues facing the industry.  Watch out for my posts!


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