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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Register for our Upcoming Fashion Courses @ Martwayne - Q2 2016 Calendar

Hello everyone!!!  Wow it has been AGES since my last post!  Apologies!  Apologies!! Apologies!!! Goodness it has been hectic!  From running courses to family events which happened almost every weekend since March! My sister got married then my dad turned 80 the following weekend and then there was a one-year remembrance of a family member.  Phew!  You know how we Lagos people like to party.  I even fell ill at some point from the stress.  BUT I must say the month though hectic has been great!   You can check the pictures and videos out on my Facebook and Instagram handles @topewilliams :-)

OKIES! Now, let's talk about our upcoming Course calendar!  :-D

From drawing on downloaded croquis templates to drawing own fashion figures

SO!  We had a great Q1.  We are just about wrapping up some of the Courses.  Our weekday Beginners have moved on to the next level and Design and Illustration Course is wrapping up! Here are some pictures from both classes.  To be honest, I don't have many pictures but I managed to score some of these from some students who sent me pictures of their work...

Fashion Illustration Class

Half Circle Skirt from Our Beginners Class :-D

Yup!  This is evidence that we know what we are doing!  Transforming complete beginners into designers - one level at a time.

SO!  We have our next set of Courses coming up this quarter.  And I am pleased to announce that this time, the men are not left out! :-D  We are launching our VERY FIRST STRICTLY MENSWEAR COURSE!!!!! :-D :-D :-D

So the dates are on the Calendar but I will list them out again:


25th: New Stream of Beginners Course - Weekday Option Only

Yes yes!  We are starting a new stream of the Foundation Course in Fashion Design starting with the 1st level of 5 levels, the Beginners Course.  It is for complete novices without prior knowledge of sewing - perfect for those considering a career in the Fashion Industry or as a hobby.

For this stream, classes will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

If you, however, want a weekend option, please let us know.  We will see what we can do but we cannot announce a general start date yet due to space constraints.

Fees are N63,500, broken down into:

Fees: N45,000; Your Toolkit: N8,500 and a refundable caution fee of N10,000 (this covers damages and unnecessary extensions to the Course.)

27th: New Stream of the Bodices and Dressmaking Course - Weekday Option only

If you can already sew but would like to perfect your skills or have a more professional approach to running your business, this course is perfect for you.  The Course is in 2 parts and it is pretty intensive.  So if you are looking for a challenge, this Course is for you.

Classes will also be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  If you are also interested in a weekend option, please let us know.  

We will see what we can do but we cannot announce a general start date yet due to space constraints.

The fees are: N68,500, broken down into:

Fees: N50,000; Your Toolkit: N8,500 and a refundable caution fee of N10,000 (this covers damages and unnecessary extensions to the Course.)


9th: Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (Volumes 1-8)

Yes!  After many requests, we are relaunching our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course - a one-week Course which teaches the step-by-step process involved in starting a clothing line.  It is perfect for beginners who want to understand the creative, the production and business sides of fashion and is perfect for beginners and practising designers struggling with their fashion businesses.  SO you might be finding it difficult to make a profit, this Course is perfect for you!

These are the Modules and I have modified the original Course and added a bit more to the Volumes:

Day 1: 

FEC 1: Understanding Fashion, the Industry, its Related Fields; & The Design & Production Process - N12,500 

Day 2:

FEC 2: How to Develop Your Designs from Scratch & Communicating Them to Your Production Team - N12,500

FEC 3: Understanding & Choosing Colours & Fabrics from Your Clothing Line - N12,500

Day 3:

FEC 4: How to Start Your Own Clothing Line - A Look at the Clothing Manufacturing Process - N10,000 

FEC 5: How to GET the Funds You Need to Start Your Own Clothing Line (Generating Funds from Within) - N10,000

Day 4:

FEC 6:  How to Sell Your Clothes & Make a Profit on Your Clothing Line - N10,000

FEC 8:  Dealing with "Horror" Customers in Your Fashion Business - N10,000

Day 5: 

FEC 7:  Building Business Structures for Your Clothing Line - a look at the Accounting, Tax, Legal and Administrative Sides to Running a Fashion Business - N12,500

The beauty behind this Course is you can choose which of the Volumes you would like to register for and pay for just those ones.  

Those running the entire Course get a 15% discount off the fees for registrations by 4th of May, 2016.

Also, this is not a Sewing Class and classes will be from Monday to Friday for that week only.  For the Saturday option, we will announce dates later on and of course it will happen across a few weekends.

18th & 21st: Design & Illustration with Computer-Aided Design -  Ladieswear -  (Weekday Option)

Our popular ladies wear Course is also back with a weekday option.  So if you are looking to turn yourself into a designer and step up your creative abilities, this Course is perfect for you.  Classes remain Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The full Course costs N85,000 (including the digital graphic tablet).  You also need your laptop.

The Design only option costs N30,000 and also starts on this day.

21st: Fashion Illustration with Computer-Aided Design - Menswear (Weekend Option Only)

Now I am always excited about new Courses and this is new - right off the bat!  We are launching our very first menswear course.  I bet the guys are happy!  After many enquiries I am pleased to say we have heard you and we are launching our Fashion Illustration with CAD for men.  It is suitable for complete beginners as well as illustrators who want to improve their illustration skills, using a Design software.

You should register for it!  Ir promises to be great!  Only the weekend option is available so classes will be on Saturdays only and it starts at 10am.

If you want the CAD option only, this will also start on the same day but the afternoon session which starts at 2.15pm.

The fees for this Course are N70,000 and includes your digital graphic tablet but you need to come with your laptop.

25th: Fashion Illustration with Computer-Aided Design -  Ladieswear -  (Weekday Option Only)

The Fashion Illustration with Computer-Aided Design option only costs N70,000 and also comes with the digital tablet but you need your laptop.


15th: CAD Option Only - Ladieswear Begins  

This Course is for illustrators looking to up their skills with Computer-Aided Design.  It turns your images from "yaye" to WOW - just like the image up there. The fees for this Course are N50,000 and it includes your digital tablet as well.  You also need your laptop.


You do not have to register for the option that comes with the digital tablet if you have a one already or you use a Samsung tab which is compatible with a digital pen, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.2014 edition, then you don't need another tab.  Simply deduct N15,000 from the option you plan to register for.

Great!  I think that's it!

Yes I am excited!!!  And hope you are as well!  I will post more articles about each of the Courses in separate posts.  But in the meantime, you can get details about our Courses by clicking on this link:

I look forward to you joining us!  It will be fun - THAT I can assure you!

For enquires about any of our Courses, please contact us through any of the following means:

Telephone:  0903 498 5877 / 0818 395 8856
WhatsApp: 0809 787 6075
Blackberry: 2AC0E9AD
E-Mail: ;

Don't forget to follow us on our social media handles:

Instagram: @martwayne
Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Google +: @martwaynedotcom

Thank you so very much!!!  Have a great 2nd quarter!

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