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Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Martwayne Training Centre is 4 today!

:-D :-D :-D

Yes I know right?!  Not many people get the opportunity to celebrate 2 birthdays in a year!  But we are one of the lucky few!   :-D  

Exactly 4 years ago to this day, we launched our very first Course!!!!!!  Yup!  Our very first class happened on the 12th of November, 2011 and I must say it has been roller coaster ride!  And who do I have to thank?!  You wonderful people who have spread the word about us!  It was not by our might but all by God's favour and all we can say is thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Then & Now...

We have evolved over the years and it has been an amazing journey!  I remember how scared I was sending my very first broadcast and bulk sms about the new Course!  The fear was almost crippling.  There were so many "what ifs" I almost never sent it!  But somehow, I managed to hit that send button and the rest, they say is history! 

Our very first set in 2011 :-D  Hang on... someone's missing...

Yes!  Chika!  :-D  There she was in 2011... and here she is today 12.11.2015 in the Design & Illustration with CAD Course!  Amazing right?!  SUCH a coincidence that she is sharing today with us!

Amazing the number of people that have walked through our doors and we just have to celebrate 4 years of God's goodness!  2015 is our year of growth and we definitely have grown!  

This was my message on our Instagram Handle @martwayne and I meant every word of it - hashtag and all... lol...


Yaye!!!!! The #martwaynetrainingcenter is 4 years today!!! This very day in 2011, we launched our very 1st course!!! We have evolved over the years and we have God and you, our #martwaynestudents to thank! 

You have been great and you trusted us with one of your most important assets - the knowledge to enable you #TurnYourLoveforFashionIntoAViableBusiness and I must say we have been truly blessed to be a part of your journey!

I must say #martwaynestudentsrock , always have and always will! You lot are the best! Everyday, I wake up a #proudfashionteacher Thank you so very much! And may your investment in us be multiplied well over 5million %!

To all who have added value to us or have referred #martwayne to a friend or loved one, God bless you loads! 

I am extremely thankful to all the staff that have worked with us over the years, even those that have left and I am ESPECIALLY thankful to my very able-bodied Tunde! You are the best! Thank you so much!  God bless you loads!

Join me everyone to wish us @martwayne a very Happy Birthday! 😘💃🏾🎂   (errr... not sure where these chickens came from though... Perhaps Google's version of emojis.. haha...)  #ThankingGod #ThankingGodAlways #powerthroughfashion #proudmoment 


Thank you so much for being there for us and for celebrating this day with us!  Enjoy some pictures from our early days!  Hopefully we'll get to post more on instagram!  God bless you all! MWAH!

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Muchos gracias!


For those ready to take a trip down memory lane with us, you need to check out the following links:

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Setting Up the Training Centre (you really need to see the transformation) & Some Pictures from the 1st Set:      My Goodness! Is THAT the "Time"?!

Enjoy them! :-D

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