Martwayne | Power Through Fashion: What Happened @ Fashion Talk on "Starting a Ready to Wear Line" on Saturday the 17th of October, 2015... :-D

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What Happened @ Fashion Talk on "Starting a Ready to Wear Line" on Saturday the 17th of October, 2015... :-D

Yes we had A BLAST at Fashion Talk on Saturday!!!  Wow-wee!!!  Honestly I could not have asked for a better turn out and event.  The speakers were on point!  We started on time!  And we finished just as planned!  In fact it was SUCH a good day people refused to take a lunch break!  And I would say from the testimonials it was worth it!

So why did we decide to organise "Fashion Talk"?
Well... to be honest it was the first speaker, David Wej, who initiated it.  We were having a chat a while back and he suggested coming to speak to Martwayne students about starting a ready to wear line.  And naturally I jumped at the idea!

Not long after that, I started getting enquiries from people who were tired of the "made-to-measure" business model they were currently running and wanted to veer into ready to wear.  So we decided to throw it open to others rather than just Martwayne students.  And we got a whole lot of registrations.

And of course, it posed the opportunity to invite even more speakers and we had 3 speakers in total + me making 4 (though to be honest I did not do much speaking at all).

And in true Martwayne style, we started at 1 pm PROMPT like the sms stated (ok... I got on the stage like 1.05pm) but the 1st speaker started at 1.15 sharp as planned and he is a stickler for time.

This was taken around 1.15 pm and I really am thankful enough people came early.  I'm sure they were as well! :-D

Meet the Speakers:

Here they are in the order in which they spoke.

:-D  Need I introduce myself again... :-D  I did the hosting and the introductions

David Wej, fashion retailer extraordinaire... 
Goodness!  After listening to him speak, I tell you, retail is the way to go!  He spoke on:
 "Starting a Fashion Retail Business"

Seye Amusa... a very trusted trainer who KNOWS his stuff.  
I tell you... if you want to move your business forward, you need this man!
He spoke about "Understanding Your Business Model"  
(are you an ant, an elephant, a butterfly or a bumble bee...? :-D)

Mrs Sola Babatunde who definitely knows her stuff.  A seasoned trainer who also runs a proper clothing production line as it should be run with the stages properly broken down into steps!  
She spoke about "Running a Garment Production Unit" 

Of course I already have a short YouTube clip on the event but let me make those who did not attend GREEN with envy with a few pictures of the testimonials!

Told you you'd be green!  It really was a good one!

And of course, we launched the Martwayne advert on that day!  

The response was awesome and I really thank EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO CAME!

Enjoy the video clip of the event!  Just click on the link below the picture.

With my Martwayne Students!  You guys rock!  Love you all to BITS! :-D :-D :-D 
Thank you so much for representing!

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Oh... P.S.

If you could not make it, don't worry, we'll make DVDs available for sale!  They should be available by Monday the 26th, all things being equal.  We will keep you posted!

And P.P.S.!

Our Jacket & Trousers Course starts next Monday, the 26th of October, 2015!  I know the notice is late but we can still do it!  The Design & Illustration with Computer Aided Design also starts on Monday and there are different options available depending on your level of skill!

Register for these courses and Turn Your Love for Fashion into a Viable Business! :-D 


  1. How can I purchase the dvd pls

    1. You can get it from our office. Please call 0818 395 8856, 0903 498 5877 or WhatsApp 0809 787 6075. Many thanks.


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