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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Register for the Design & Illustration with Computer Aided Design (CAD) Course; Start Date: 2 November, 2015.

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!  I am TOTALLY EXCITED about this Course like you have no idea!  This is our BRAND SPANKING NEW COURSE which we have this year! is what I am at the moment!  And I tell you, I am really chuffed we are able to offer this Course now so those who want to kick off 2015 with stunning portfolios for fashion school registrations, competitions and move on to the next level!  YES!  I have been dreaming of how to develop and deliver this Course and now it is here!

And the best part is... we will teach EVERYTHING from scratch... and we have various options available whether you are a beginner or are already a fab illustrator and only want to learn the CAD aspect to enhance your skills!  OH... and another great thing!  We round up before Christmas :-D

Yes!  This is a picture from the last class we just concluded.  And it was really good!  Here is Tolu all the way from Ibadan learning how to draw a face and I think she did pretty good!  And she also started to learn how to draw from scratch!  And that's what it's about!  We lead you every step of the way starting from how exactly to develop a fashion collection from just an idea.  And to be honest, after or Fashion Talk on Saturday, everyone really should be rooting for this!  There is a big need around here for this!

NOW we are taking it a step further and teaching you how to move from your normal pencil drawing to digitally enhancing your images using CAD.  And I am sure you all would LOVE to learn how to do this using the actual print of the fabric rathe than having to draw the print manually and other stuff!  If you loved the pictures in my flyer, then I am sure you would also love to learn how to do this!

So What Will You Learn?

Depending on what you register for... and yes there are options based on your level of skill, the Course is split into 3 parts:  

Part 1: Design, Concept Development & Portfolio Presentation

-  Developing Your Designs from a Theme or an Idea;
-  The Design & Production Process; 
-  Understanding Colours & Fabrics; 
-  Understanding Technical Drawings & how to Communicate your Designs to your Tailor to Minimise Errors;
-  Developing the Documentation Required in a Design Project; 
-  Developing & Defending Your Fashion Collection.

This is actually just a brief summary of what you would learn.  Of course you will learn about how to create concept boards, storyboards, mood boards, etc but there are also other things you learn.  Anyone who has registered for our Courses know we discuss a whole lot more than what the Course itself such as building the confidence you need, approaching your customer, etc.  These are discussions we hold just basically to help you conquer that fear!

Now the beauty about this part is you would actually be required to develop a proper fashion collection and defend it.  You never really know what you can do except you are pushed.  I recall in the last class a student who initially created a project which I rejected and then she came up with an AWESOME collection based on medical injections!  I was blown away and actually placed an order for one or two of her work!  

In another class, we actually discovered that a student got her target market wrong based on her designs.  NOW she thought her target market was aged 24 - 35 whilst her designs showed she should have been targeting a market for sophisticated women aged 40 and above.  Without that exercise, she would have been frustrated and would have made made ZERO sales because she would have been marketing her work to the wrong people.  It was a real eye opener.

So if you can, you really should do this part!  You will be amazed at what you will come up with when you push yourself!

Here are pictures of students defending their work.  It is actually quite rigorous and it makes you adjust to constructive criticism so I will really encourage you to.

Part 2: Manual Illustration

-  Drawing the Fashion Figure;
-  Body & Spinal Movements;
-  Facial Features & Hair;
-  Clothing the Fashion Figure

Part 3:  Digital Illustration

And this is the portion where you learn how to perform the magic on your designs using CAD! Just imagine if this illustration below was completed using CAD :-D

Course Fees & Registration Options:

The beauty about this particular course is that there are so many options to choose from; regardless of whether you have never drawn a straight line without a ruler or if you have been drawing right from when you could hold a pencil!  

The different options and their duration are as follows with their start dates:

Option 1:  Design & Illustration with CAD (The Full Course) - 7 weeks; Starts 2 November, 2015

Fees:  N85,000 (and the fees come with everything including the digital tablet and software which is of course the advisable option).  

If you, however do not want the tablet and prefer to use yours, e.g. your iPad or your Android, the fees are N70,000.  

Please NOTE:

I can safely tell you that the tablet costs a lot more than N15,000 and if you come with your tablets, you need to buy a stylus which costs N7,000 and buy the app from the store for download onto your iPad.  If you use an Android, there is no pro version of the app anyway which limits what you can do so I would really advise you to pay for the full Course (or any of the options below that comes with the tablet).   

But of course, seeing we like to give options, do go ahead and make your choice.  :-D


If you are choosing the option with a tablet, please come with your laptop to the Class.

Option 2:  Design Only - Week 1; 2 November, 2015

These are for students wishing to do Part 1 only.  It really pushes you to the limit and trust me it is an eye-opener.  The fees are N25,000.   

Option 3:  Fashion Illustration only with CAD - 6 weeks; Starts 9 November, 2015

Here, you could decide not to do Part 1 of the Course.

Fees with the Tablet:  N65,000
Fees without the Tablet:  N50,000

Option 4:  CAD Only Option - 4 weeks; Starts 23 November, 2015

This for Illustration Gurus & those who have taken our our Design & Illustration Course in the past.  This Option means you will only focus on Part 3.

Fees with the Tablet:  N45,000
Fees without the Tablet: N30,000

Classes will take place on Mondays & Thursdays at our Training Centre in Surulere, Lagos from 12 noon to 4pm.

Instalment Payment Option:

We do prefer full upfront payments but you can pay in a maximum of 2 instalments for the other options except Options 2 and 4b.  The deposit will be 85% of the total fees and the balance of 15% is due halfway during the Course or before the CAD Course begins; whichever is earlier.  

How to Register:

Simply pay the fees into our Martwayne Dynamiques account, 101 411 8569, Zenith Bank.

Please send the details of payment to us through any of the following means to get the venue details:

Contact Details:

Tel:  0903 498 5877 / 0818 395 8856 / 0809 787 6075
WhatsApp:  0809 787 6075 
BB Pin: 2AC0E9AD

Join us on the 2nd at 12 noon prompt!  We always start early so please be here early!

If you want to visit us ahead of time to check us out first, please let me know so we can make a plan.  If you have any question whatsoever, do contact us as well.

Great!  I'm done!  Thank you so much everyone!  Don't forget to follow us on Social Media at the following handles:

Instagram:  @martwayne
Twitter / Facebook / YouTube / Google +:  @martwaynedotcom

See you on the 2nd of November, by God's grace! :-D

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