Martwayne | Power Through Fashion: Pictures & Clips from "Give Her A Push" - An Empowerment Programme for Fashion Designers organised by AFDEC

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Pictures & Clips from "Give Her A Push" - An Empowerment Programme for Fashion Designers organised by AFDEC

With Misiano @ GHAP

Hello everyone!!!!  I cannot believe we are in the -EMBER months already!  And you know what it means when we hit the -ember months... It means 2015 is almost over!  Time to compare our resolutions with the present day.  Thankfully we still have 4 months to make amends so there is still hope!

But anywayz, I noticed my past few posts have only been about work so I decided to take a break from talking about work to chatting about play! :-D  

Top on the list, of course, is the "Give Her a Push" (GHAP) Programme organised by the African Fashion Development & Empowerment Centre (AFDEC) which happened on the 27th of August.  

And what was GHAP about?!

Programme of Events

Well... let's start with the broadcast I received:
"Did You Know that BOI launched N1 BILLION FUND for Nigerian Female Fashion Designers just last week? Do you know any Nigerian female Tailor or Fashion Designer who is exceptionally creative but needs business support and exposure to grow her business? 

Then invite her to the  GIVE HER A PUSH! Program, to meet with the Bank of Industry BOI, Bowman Micro finance bank, LEAP Africa & other prominent and local fashion designers in Nigeria on Thurs, 27th of August. @ Centre for Mgt & Development CMD Road,by Magodo Shangisha. Time: 9am - 3pm (Red Carpet = 8am) 

Event is strictly by Invitation. (Designers should come dressed in creative designs made by them). To make reservation, Plz call 08068202338, 08090749029.       

(Plz forward this message, as you may be the link 2 changing someone's life) ( African Fashion Development & Empowerment. Centre -AFDEC)"

I must have received it at least 10 times from various channels.  It was only after I got the reminder mail that I realised it was the same event I was invited to speak at.

Naturally my attention was drawn to the "Designers should come dressed in creative designs made by them" and wondered if it also applied to the speakers.  I guessed it did.  But I decided to wear something made by a student of mine (@arakulture) who I had patronized and I must say I LOVED THE LOOK!

Methinks I look H.A.W.T. wearing an outfit from the Summer Hues Collection by @arakulture.  
You need to check her out on Instagram or buzz her on 0805 547 1312 / 0812 263 2245 (WhatsApp) 

Seeing my slot was around 2pm, I arrived closer to my scheduled slot - just in time to listen to the MD of Bowman Microfinance Bank, Mrs Titilola Adeyeba, talk about accessing finance and the interest rates and Mr Leke Adenuga of HO9 teach the delegates about developing a lookbook.  

And then it was my turn and I shared the stage with Misiano of House of Misiano.

You are probably wondering who took the pictures right?!  

Well here's me saying a huge massive thank you to @francesaborigho, a student of mine who offered to go with me.  I was shocked and extremely grateful when she came in one of the outfits from my office wear line.  Thank you so much Frances.  You are amazing!  Here are just a few of the shots she took:

Left Pic: Me about the be interviewed on the red carpet; 
Middle Pic: Right to Left: Misiano, Adeola, Organiser of GHAP & I
Right Picture:  A designer showcasing her work

Enough of the writing.  Check out some more pictures and video clips which I compiled in a short YouTube video (link below).  Warning... some pictures were a bit pixellated because of the distance but do enjoy them all the same!  And don't forget to subscribe to the Channel!  



Ooohhhhhh.... before I leave, I just have to brag about the absolutely scrumptious cake we had at our totally spontaneous #TGIF chows @ Martwayne on Friday. 

Honestly you guys HAVE TO order one of these cakes!  The cake was absolutely de-LISH!
Check out @cakesbykisses on Instagram or buzz her on 0703 107 8512

Doesn't it just make you drool and green with envy?!  Haha...  I'm sorry I'm just a sucker for chocolate cake (even though I'm trying to cut down on my sugar and maintain my weight)!  I don't think I have seen SUCH a rich-looking cake in a while.  It had all sorts... marshmallows, M&Ms, finger wafers... need I tell you more?  Just check out the picture! And the best part is... it tasted tres fab!  I am sure you can tell from our faces we really enjoyed the cake... and the break from work as well... :-D

& this was the cake like 5 minutes later... haha... It was well worth the price! :-D

And like this was not enough, I just had to outdo myself by attending a wedding the very next day! I really need to socialize more and think less about work! Here's how I looked: 

Looks like my geles keep getting larger and larger...

The bride & groom, Seyi & Dipo...

Yup!   I have had a nice few weeks!  I am ready to start a new one!  No work in this post... I promised! (though I am really itching to send you a reminder but I won't).  I'll save it for another post.

Before I leave.... if you know anyone that can get me a golden brown maltese puppy, like the picture below, at an affordable price, please let me know.  I have been looking for one for ages!

Ok!  That's it from me!  Don't forget to check out the pictures and clips in the YouTube video.  Here's the link again just in case you got distracted by my stories...

And don't forget to subscribe to the Channel! Thank you so much! 

Here's me wishing you a fantastic week ahead!



  1. Like seriously, how come those of us out of Lagos don't get to know of things like this! See me here who's been searching for means or even loan to push my passion!

    Tope. Please is there an association or organisation I need to join to get info in future!

    I'm so crying here!

    1. Hello Isi,

      That is also what we are trying to work on through the Designers Connect Network. We are actually trying to put things in place for better service.

      There is FADAN. Perhaps that could also help. In the meantime, however, you can send us your details via e-mail to What we need?

      Your Name, brand name, phone number, e-mail address, location and challenges you are facing as a fashion business. It is taking a while to materialise due to lack of hands but we are getting there, slowly but surely.

  2. Hi Tope. Many thanks for the post especially the info on d BOI. But then I wonder why make it a public announcement when its strictly by invitation? U looked nice in @arakulture and Frances looked good wearing one of your office wear for the cake 🎂. #ijumpampass#

    1. Well... I guess they needed people to register for planning purposes. SO you need to notify them of your interest in the event so they can send you a formal invitation. I can tell you that on the day, they had to move to a bigger hall because of the huge interest in the event. Imagine if people showed up without invitations?!

      Thanks :-D re my outfit and Frances's. Re the cake.... lol... I'll pretend I didn't see you "trying to escape".


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