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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Spotlight Feature: YincaEsther the ARTIST Amongst Us and Her AMAZING PORTRAITS! :-D

By YincaEsther... Where Fashion Meets Arts...

Hello everyone!!!  I'm thinking it may be a bit late to wish you Happy New Month (haha) BUT I am sure you had a great start to the month!  We sure did!  It was hectic over here and I am glad to say that our Bodices Course went extremely well!  Which of course birthed this post! And of course you know how we LOVE to promote one of our own... :-D

Yinca modelling her very first shirt!  Talking about a funky mum with 2 buns in the oven!  Haha!   

Meet YincaEsther, one of the participants who registered for the Course and I must confess I have been extremely inspired by her!  I had been chatting to her for a bit.... and by a bit I mean like A YEAR or more - mostly about registering for a Course of ours.  One of the challenges she had as the fact that she stayed outside Lagos - Ogbomosho to be precise - but this time she was determined to attend at least Part 1 of the Bodices Course.

I was still so excited that she came all the way to Lagos to attend the Course (and she was not the only one and for this I say THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE who went the extra mile to come into town from very far).  So you can imagine my shock when I finally met her on Day 1 and realised she was HEAVILY PREGNANT!  My jaw hit the ground and I felt somewhat worried that I would be stressing her!

But nope Yinca was having none of it!  She was completely dedicated to seeing the Course through and came in early and left late just to be SURE she got the full benefits of the Course.  And I really hope she did.  Actually I am pretty sure she did.... judging by her testimonial on our Instagram page:

:-D :-D :-D  She said it!  We didn't! :-D

But alas!  I only discovered she had this talent on her last day which she never revealed during the Course.  And good thing she didn't too!  Because I'd have forced a freebie off her!  Yup!  I bumped into a conversation with her and the others and how.... and these are her very words... "I am an artist"!  I did not really understand what she meant until I saw her A-MA-ZING work!  

Just check them out yourself!  

That is sooooooo scarily life-like!  I literally gasped when I saw this!

Of Yinca herself...

And my absolute favourite......

Like WOW! Right?!  TRES FAB!!!!!!

And so now YincaEsther OFFICIALLY owes a a portrait!  And you guys need to buzz her too! Portraits are always a GREAT gift for anyone!  I have always loved them and nothing graces a wall better than portraiture!  

It was great having you around Yinca!  Now start churning those shirts out and more portraits!  

Here are more pictures of Yinca during the Course!  Totally love her spirit!

After her samples...

There she is with the pout!  Haha!
Lt - Rt: Frances, Folashade, TM, Ife, Esther, YincaEsther & Debbie
Great barell of laughs the lot!  Totally had fun during the Course!

She is a real inspiration and one who never lets anything stop her obviously!  So if you are having doubts about going the extra mile and you have the capacity to do so, do use her example as a reference point.  Hopefully, it will give you the push you need to take that step!

And people.... encourage a sister and get your portraits!  I will put her contact details here once I get the go-ahead from her!  

Great!  Have a FAB day people! And watch out for more pictures of the Bodices Part 1 Course in a future post!



  1. OMG!!...all these spotlight on me?? Especially coming from someone I really admire and're such an Angel! I'm not only elated, I'm now very much more encouraged to keep up my art while I also nurture my fashion dream.
    THIS IS NO PUBLICATION TACTICS 'cos judging from what I'm able to make now (I mean check out my first shirt and bodices samples up there), I'm so thankful that I signed up for the Martwayne Bodices Course.
    Talk of the ease of assimilating knowledge (cos our tutor is so vast & experienced), very helpful instructors, conducive classroom/working condition (Yes! I was so comfortable even with my big and exposure that I gained in a space of 4weeks. I can boldly say I got more than I bargained for or even expected.
    Thanks once again Martwayne, will definitely move on to do you more proud with this added out!!!
    For your own beautiful portrait(s) like those you've just seen. You can contact me via any of these channels: My phone numbers - 08051847348, 08134672401,
    Email:, twitter: @yincaakinboade,
    Instagram: yincaestherakinboade

    Mucho Gracias Mi Amano (Thank you very much My Friend)

    1. Pleasure Yinca! And THANKS A WHOLE LOT for your review of the Course. Much much appreciated! MWAH!

  2. Awesome!!!! A happy student, a proud teacher and an elated friend( me). I met Yinka and I told her she had an amazing strength and a non-discouraging attitude. She made sure she completed her tasks. Kudos Yinka! Keep d flag flying. TM loves you.

  3. Thanks Martwayne! Yinca said a lot about you, you are so incredible. @Olori I am not surprised, you always bring me honor!

    1. Haha! Thanks Mr Akinboade! Glad you let her attend the Course.

      You obviously are her Number 1 supporter because I know a lot of people would never let their wives attend a 6-week Course in another town much less one with 2 bambinos on the way. And for that we thank you and we really appreciate the trust!

      Your wife is a star and we all loved her when she was here. She really should work on this talent of hers. We will figure out how to make it work!

  4. Wow! Iyabeji as we popularly called u. You are gifted gal. You rock n am so inspired by ur commitment.

  5. Wow! Iyabeji as we popularly called u. You are gifted gal. You rock n am so inspired by ur commitment.

  6. Wow! Iyabeji as we popularly called u. You are gifted gal. You rock n am so inspired by ur commitment.

  7. An encouraging post, well done Yinka, keep doing what you do.
    And T. Williams, though we've only chatted some few times, one thing I know is that you're beautiful inside.
    God bless us.

  8. Wen r u strtin d next course n ur location in lagos

    1. Hello Anonymous, which of the Courses are you interested in? Do let me know so I can give you the details.

      Re location, we are in Surulere, about 2 minutes from the National Stadium towards Masha Roundabout. It's really easy once you get to the Stadium. If you want to visit, do let me know as well.


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