Martwayne | Power Through Fashion: September Start Dates for our Bodices & Beginners Courses: 15th & 19th September, 2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015

September Start Dates for our Bodices & Beginners Courses: 15th & 19th September, 2015

I'm sure you remember YincaEsther from a previous post modelling her shirt...

Hello everyone!!!  August is almost over and we have had an EXTREMELY busy month at Martwayne.  We successfully launched the Bodices Course and wow... I can safely say it was over-subscribed! But who's complaining right?!  Haha!  We also launched another stream of the Beginners Course and that also went extremely well.  

Of course since the end of one era marks the start of another, our Beginners are ready to move on to the Bodices Course which gives room for a new set of Beginners and of course also gives room for the experienced sewers who want to join the Bodices Course.  Those who have completed the Bodices 1 Course are moving on to Bodices 2. :-D

The Weekday Option of the Bodices, Shirts & Dressmaking Course will begin on the 15th of September, 2015.  Although there is no official start date for the Weekend Option, those interested can contact us and we will make a plan for you.

The Beginners Course (originally meant to start on the 12th of September) will now start on the 19th of September, 2015 for both the Weekday and Weekend Options. 

Here are more details on both Courses and as always, some pictures!!!!  I'll start off with the Bodices Course since it starts before the Beginners Course.

The Short Course in Bodices, Shirts & Dresses (Bodices Course for short) was developed to help experienced sewers improve on their sewing skills to enable them create clothes with a good fit and a proper factory finish.  The Course is in 2 parts.  

Part 1 teaches about taking proper measurements, pattern-making, developing the block, fitting and alterations (if any), how to move from a block to a pattern, the strapless block, fitted shirts with collars, plackets, cuffs... the works, proper finishing techniques and of course basic costing and pricing... and then you have your projects.  

Part 2 is a lot more intense and and teaches about the variations to what has been taught in Part 1 and a whole lot more!

Some of our previous Beginners modelling their skirts... :-D

The Beginners Course, on the other hand, is for complete novices who have no prior knowledge of sewing.  We literally teach FROM SCRATCH!  A quick summary, the Course  teaches about the industry, the design and production process, introduces pattern-making and of course, how to sew.... and as always... costing and pricing.

Duration & Fees:

Bodices Course:

Module 1: N45,000 (fees) + N7,500 (if you have never registered for any of our sewing classes and this belong to you) + N10,000 (refundable caution fees for damages & extensions beyond the set timeframe for completion.)  Total comes to N62,500.

Duration: Weekday: 4 weeks (3 times a week) ; Weekend: 12 weeks (Saturdays only)

Module 2:  N75,000.

Duration: Weekday: 8 weeks (3 times a week) ; Weekend: Double the time.

Time: Weekday: 11am - 4pm ; Weekend: 12 noon to 5pm.

Beginners Course:

Fees: N45,000 + N7,500 (toolkit) + N10,000 (refundable caution fee).

Duration: Weekday: 4 weeks (3 times a week) ; Weekend: 12 weeks (Saturdays only)

All caution fees are refunded at the end of the Course or retained towards the next course.

Payment Options:

Due to the length of the Course, payment options are only available for the Bodices Course.  

Option 1: 

Full Payment for Modules 1 and 2 by 11th September, 2015 attracts a 10% discount on the total fees.

Option 2: 

Should you wish to pay for Module 1 first and pay for Module 2 later, you get a 5% discount off the Module 1 fees if you pay by 11th September.  If you pay for Module 2 by the deadline date announced during Module 1, you also get a 5% discount off the Module 2 fees.  

Please note that discounts apply to the fees only and not to the toolkit or caution fee.

Option 3:

You can also pay for each Module in a maximum of 2 instalments before the Course begins.  

Module 1 will be N55,000 + N7,500 upfront and the balance of N10,000 payable halfway through the Module.  The caution fee will be retained towards Module 2.

Module 2 will be N60,000 upfront and the balance of N15,000 payable halfway through the Module.  

If you do go for this option, please note that you are not entitled to the discount but it is still easier on your pocket! :-D  But please do register on/before 11th September, 2015 to enable us prepare for you and get your materials ready.

Registration Details:

Payment of the fees in cash or via online bank transfer into our "Martwayne Dynamiques" account, 101 411 8569, Zenith Bank reserves your seat on the Course.  Please notify us when this is made so we can immediately begin to prepare your materials.  


As always is our Training Centre in Surulere, Lagos, about a 2 minute drive from the National Stadium.  Due to limited seats, we can only send the venue details to those who register for the Course.  BUT if you want to visit us ahead of time to be sure we are genuine, please feel free to contact us through any of the means below so we can schedule a time for your visit.   

Okies!!!!  And now picture time!!!!!

Sadly we don't have much pictures of the Beginners Course but we do have some of the Bodices Course.  Gives the Beginners something to look forward to. :-D

Our Training Centre (well... a part of it anyway...):

Measurement and Pattern-Drafting:

Dart Manipulation Class:

Samples & Fitting:



And we keep at it till we get it right! :-D

Some Projects [sad I don't have more...:-( Note to Self!]...:

End of the Bodices 1:

And some testimonials on our Courses generally, not just this one...:

Great!  Hope you are convinced!  Looking forward to you joining us!

I am rushing off now to the AFDEC event where I am a speaker.  Hopefully I will have enough pictures to post on the blog later on!



  1. Great!
    Can you do a crash programme for someone in Portharcourt who can't afford to stay that length of time in Lagos and is already a seamstress?

    1. Thanks Isi. Well... it depends on how much time you have to spare. But I doubt you can complete any of our courses in less than 3 weeks (per course), because we do give assignments and projects which have to be done and I doubt you can complete it in a shorter period for that specific reason.

      We are working on an online option though. Perhaps if you don't have that much time to spare you can consider that. But it will take a while to launch but as soon as it is done, we will put up the information here.

      That said, please contact me (details are on the left side of the page) and I'll see if we can make a plan.

      Thanks a lot once again.

  2. From the pictures I can see the class referenced the Aldrich textbook- I find the instructions for drafting sleeves in the text too tedious. It resulted in a sleeve with too much cap ease but all in all, I like the textbook.

    1. Hi Debonair. We use different texts depending on what we want to achieve. Besides, books come with their errors which you discover after you have created the garment so these are also incorporated into the classes to enable us develop proper patterns with minimal errors and amendments. At the end of the day, many of us around here have unique shapes so these have to be taken into consideration and the students are taught how to adapt these for each unique body shape they might encounter when working.

      Re the excess in the cap head, this needs to be eased into the body of the garment not sewn as is. You need that ease for easy movement.

  3. When is the next beginners class starting please? I'm interested.

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      We plan to start a new session last week in October. Please let me know if you are interested in a weekday or a weekend option.

      Many thanks.

  4. Is any starting in February because that's when I'll be available

    1. Hello,

      Yes you can start in February. We will run your own timetable for you. Many thanks.


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