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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Why Haven't You Pursued Your Dream of Becoming a Fashion Designer? Bella Naija Article 1

Haha!  I told you I was on a role this July! :-D  I had been putting this off FOR AGES!  Yes I know... I really am bad at procrastinating!  But lately the nudging got so bad that I just decided one night to just go for it!  And I did! :-D

And I already have comments :-D... which are always the best part of writing an article! Just check them out! :-D

Amazing right?!  This is the BEST feeling right?!  The best part about people leaving comments on your article is the fact that the feedback you get makes you know that what you are doing is actually making an impact on people.  Nothing better than knowing you are speaking to people and they are responding to you!  

I hardly ever get comments on my articles on this blog so sometimes I'm never really inspired to write because I don't even know if people are reading what I am writing about.  So when I even feel like writing, I'm just like "argh... what's the point... I'm not even sure if people are reading this".

So please people!  Encourage a sister by actually posting your responses on the blog not buzzing me up privately on Blackberry or WhatsApp.  Let people out there also know that they are not the only ones out there with the issue and let me feel encouraged so I can write more!  I always have lots to share and would love to share them with you! :-D  I tell you, this is what I love most about what I do - helping people out and adding value!

Great!  So here is the article below.  I copied and pasted it from the original post!  Looking forward to reading your comments too. :-D  


Ok… so you have always wanted to become a fashion designer…for any of the following reasons:
  • You have always loved sketching clothes as soon as you were able to hold a pencil;
  • You used to make clothes for your dolls;
  • You know you have the talent and everyone knows that – they even come to you when they need styles for their aso-ebi; … or the one I get often…
  • You were just tired of your tailor and you knew you could do better. It’s the classic tale of ‘I tell her one thing and she churns out something else and we keep going back and forth!’ (This was my story…)

You know it. Everyone knows it. You just have to become a fashion designer! You have the gift, you have the talent and you know you will make a lot of money from it. And you keep promising yourself that next year you will definitely take this up!
December comes and you write your goals for the coming year, and top of of the list?! “Finally pursue this dream of mine!” The new year hits and you are all fired up! Google becomes your best friend. You start your research “How to Become a Fashion Designer”, you start making calls and you even visit some fashion schools because you want to learn how to sew.
And then the holidays are over and reality hits. Work or school begins and the momentum you built over the holidays starts slowing down. Before you know it, the excuses start pouring in. You begin to convince yourself that “now is not the right time”. Why? You tell yourself…
• I have an extremely busy schedule and simply cannot create the time!
• Won’t people think I’m crazy?! Leaving a good job for fashion?!
• I have a family to feed, how much money can I possibly make from fashion;
• I think I am too old and don’t even know how or where to start from;
• I don’t have the money so let me work some more to gather more funds;
• The good fashion schools are too far and I cannot give up my weekends;
• I cannot get distracted now, I am at a crucial point in my life;
• I’m about to get that promotion so now is not a good time to leave.
• I cannot do this, what if I fail?!
And the excuses keep piling up. And yes, these are good and valid points which make all the sense in the world… or are they?! Maybe… just maybe these excuses are just a cover for the real reason you have refused to make that move – FEAR! And worse, you have refused to admit it to yourself!
Yes we all face these fears.
• Fear of failure;
• Fear of the unknown;
• Fear that people will laugh at you;
• Fear that people won’t like your work;
• Fear that you are too old;… I can go on and on…
I can, however, assure you that there is one thing wayyyyyy worse than fear and that is the regret you feel years down the line when the world has moved on and you are still stuck in the same space. You think you have missed that opportunity (emphasis on the word “think”) and bitterness sets in. You blame everything and everyone around you, including yourself (if you have the guts to blame yourself), for missing that opportunity.
But guess what? It is never too late to make the move. So what if you fail? Big deal. You try again or worse, you backtrack and go back to your job or get another job – you will not be the first to do so. But at least there is that satisfaction you get knowing that you scratched that itch and bled in the process; knowing that you discovered after trying it out that it was not for you. At least, now you know.
But then again, you really do not need to dive into the ocean and give everything up in a flash! Baby steps they call it. Test the waters first. Use your spare time (and yes everyone has some spare time no matter how busy they are) and start something on the side no matter how little. Could be selling your sketches to designers or even your colleagues who need fabulous styles for Asoebi Bella, working with your tailor to bring your sketches to life and selling them to colleagues or even learning how to sew. The best thing is your market is all around you! Everyone loves a fashion designer because everyone must wear clothes! Do that until you build that confidence to take the full plunge!
Oh… and one more thing… try not to give in to procrastination! Yes it is difficult and I, for one, am extremely guilty of it! Take this article for example. I have been meaning to write about this for ages and this is what?! July already! I just kept postponing until I said to myself just now “Argh! You know what?! Just do this now!” And it is exactly 2.18am!
And that is literally all it takes! For you to say to yourself “Argh! I’m doing this now!” Not tomorrow, not when I get home, NOW!
So there you have it! I’ve made my move! How about you?! Tell us why you have not yet made that move into the fashion industry!

OH!  P.S!!!

Don't forget our fashion courses coming up soon!  I will keep hammering on these till the start dates!  Just click on the home page to see more and I am working on the other posts for the other Courses but here is a list of the Courses :-D

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Yes we have great courses coming up.  Watch out for the posts or contact us on 0818 395 8856, WhatsApp: 0809 787 6075 or on Blackberry D8E9802C or email for more details.

Great!  Enjoy the article and see you on these dates!



  1. Good Day Ma, My name is Addy and i can even see my comment of BN up there in your munched commented posted lool. I love your article and it made me come looking for your blog! am also commenting her cos from what you just posted, people dont comment! lol i like your work but its too bad am not in Lagos, your article is actually the best on BN this year 2015 because you actually spoke directly to me. Am starting up my class this weekend here in Ph by God's grace, and i pray i excel in fashion designing. Guess there is nothing like online training when it comes to fashion. Its well with me. Thanks alot for nudging me towards my dream. Addy!

    1. Hello Addy,

      As you can see, they don't comment o! Lol! I wonder why though?!

      But thank you for reaching out to me. And thank you for your compliment!!!!!!!!! I am glad you liked the article!

      Good to know you are starting classes. I'm sure you will excel. It is a tough industry (like every other industry) but it is wide enough for everyone. As long as your work is good, you will make a lot of money! Plus you must enjoy it because the money may not come in the early days but it will come, I can assure you.

      Interestingly enough, I am starting online courses very soon. It is just taking a while to get them out. But we do have an online version of the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course which are webinars which teach the step by step process involved in starting a clothing line. There are 7 Volumes and I am working on more. Interestingly enough, I ran one for a lady in PH. We used to meet online after work. All we need is 7 days and we are good! You can contact me so we can make a plan on 0813 298 7824, WhatsApp: 2AC0E9AD, on Blackberry 2AC0E9AD or via e-mail

      I am glad you are taking the plunge. Do keep me posted on your progress.

      Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Hi T-Williams,Thanks for replying, lol i have been stalking your blog page since i left that comment up there. i have also watched your two vlogs on youtube and am loving every bit of it. i will add you up on bbm but then i kinda like email communications because its always there whenever i need them. Yes am starting up my class tomorrow because am a beginner. For your online fashion Entrepreneurship class, i guess its for people who already have knowledge about what designing is all about. I will want to enroll for the online version of your training when its out before then i want to get the basics first so that when i start the online version, nothing will look strange to me. My dream is to be able to meet the masses need AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICES as well as MENTOR PEOPLE ON WHAT FASHION IS ALL ABOUT only then will i feel fulfilled. Thanks for your patience with me lool. as for your blog, only those who knows where they are going to will come here. Thank you because i will keep in touch.

    1. Hello Addy,

      Thanks a lot! Not a problem. I will keep you posted when those go live!

      Re the FECs, it is actually targeted at everyone - both beginners and practising fashion designers. It really helps puts things into perspective!

      Thank you for the vote of confidence in the blog! I really do appreciate it. Glad to know I am reaching out to some people! Will keep doing what I'm doing then.

      Thank you so much once again.


  3. I have tried to post a comment on this post now but to no avail. Guilty of not commenting on your posts. But I turn a new leaf today.
    It hasn't being easy trying to balance lots of things after NYSC, hence the reason for not venturing into my passion for fashion as desired. But with constant reminder from great friends about my potentials and how little time seem to be, I decided to take the bull by the horn, and register for fashion classes. It's quite difficult but I'm so excited, can't wait to start . The big picture is clearer now. Keeping my eyes fixed on the picture. Thank you some much.

    1. :-D :-D :-D Thank you so much Mariona. Much appreciated!

      And yes you should! Everyone has the potential. It all depends on you! Glad to have been of help! And thanks as well for the encouragement!

      All the best!

  4. I always look forward to your posts. Your blog is my second best blog after Bella Naija in Nigeria. Stumbled on it about two years ago. I posted a comment once on a post with youtube video on procrastination. I wrote an epistle and don't think it got published. I think your readers try to comment but the mechanism for doing so on your site makes it difficult. I have tried severally in the 20 minutes or so, not sure you would even see this. Anyways, kudos on inspiring people.

    1. :-D :-D :-D Thanks a lot Debonair!

      Re the YouTube video, I will check it out. So sorry about that! I only just realised the reason why some people have had issues commenting was because of a setting made. I guess when setting up the blog, I had no clue what some of those buttons were but still clicked anyway.

      I think it works now! Thank you so much for making the effort. I really appreciate it!

  5. Good day ma, I'm torish, I saw your posts from fb and found my way here. I can see this post was made in 2015, but it still makes so much meaning to me, I learnt how to sew from a road side tailor, but I always feel its not a enough, I make clothes for people and they love it, but I want more. I want to be a professional ready to wear dressmaker. I'm in Ibadan, pls how can you help me?

    1. Hi Torish. Sorry I'm just seeing this. Maybe you can chat me up on WhatsApp 08097876075. We can have a chat. There is also a DVD on How to Start Your Ready to Wear Line. You can get those as well. It will really help you!


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