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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

FAB End to Stream 2 of the Jacket-Making & Trousers Course!

And seeing this is a new month and I am all gingered up to meet my half-year resolutions, I thought I'd give you 2 posts in a day!  Haha... FIRST by cleaning up my backlogs of posts! 

And this was one I had been meaning to post since I completed the class especially since I THOROUGHLY enjoyed running the class.  Yes I know I say that for pretty much all my courses but this one was just a barrel of laughs!  And everyone got on soooooooo well and just enjoyed working together, it made my work so much easier!  :-D

Enjoy the pictures!


So we ended the Jacket-Making and Trousers Course a few weeks ago.  It was a lot of work as always but the participants took it all in good faith sand worked hard to complete their work!  We were so carried away with the work, we only remembered to take pictures on the last day!  But all the same... here they are... Enjoy them!

Learning how to make welt pockets.  Just look at them looking all serious! Haha!


Hard at work... 

The Fittings...:

Just check out the FIT on this jacket...  Love the fabric too!

And the end results.  They all look pretty happy don't you think?!

Picture Time!!! :-D

Final Class on Costing & Pricing... 


Have a great day!  



  1. This looks really nice. I'd sure love a class on costing and pricing. An online one too like the 'handling customers' class that was held. I stay in abuja :(

  2. The pictures look really lovely. Nice. I'd sure love a class on pricing and costing. I keep wondering how low is too low viceversa. Please, can we have one - an online one too like the 'dealing with customers class'. It would be really helpful. Thank you

    1. Hello. Sure. Volume 6 of our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course deals with "How to Sell Your Clothes and Make a Profit on Your Clothing Line" and yes this can be taken online but more like a webinar. So you are pretty much in class without being in the same location. Please contact me so we can make this work.


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