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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Save These Dates! 8th, 11th, 14th & 21st of July, 2015!

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Haha!  Yes I thought you would ask...  Don't worry, I'll tell you just now!

It's the start date of our next set of courses!!!  Yaye! :-D

It has been while since we last ran some courses so we thought why not just launch a few... just in time for you to meet the next half-year goals for 2015!

And these are the Short Courses we will we running in July so please go ahead and write them down :-D:

8th July 2015:

-  Bodices, Shirts & Dresses Course (Weekday Option)

11th July 2015:

-  Beginners Course (both Weekday & Weekend Options)

- Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (Vol. 1)

14th July, 2015:

Design & Illustration Course (Weekday Option)

21st July, 2015:

Fashion Sketching Course (Weekday Option)

The names of the Courses pretty much tell you what each of the Course is about.  But not to worry, we will still run a separate post on each Course.

We had initially planned a Jacket-Making & Trousers Course (Weekend Option) but we swopped this for the Beginners Course.  If you had made plans to join in July, this is not a problem.  We will make provision for you if you wish to register for the Weekend Option earlier planned.  

Great!  So to those who have advised us to inform them early enough about our Courses so they can work towards it, thank you so much for that feedback.  We have listened and have turned over a new leaf!  :-D

Remember, registration happens before the start date so here's hoping you will sign up before our seats sell out.  We had that at our last Design & Fashion Illustration Course and it was great so do save yourself a seat early enough!

Watch out for our next posts on the Courses and tell a friend to tell a friend!  Some have amazing discounts and payment options so watch this space!  

Have a great week ahead!


Oh.... and PS.  I have to say a BIG HUGE MASSIVE THANK YOU to those who keep recommending us to their friends.  Thank you for your vote of confidence in us and may God continue to reward you with all you ever wanted and what you have not even thought of yet!  Amen!

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