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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Learn How to Sew From Scratch in our Next Fashion Course Course for Beginners! Start Date: 11 July, 2015!

Hello good people!!!!!!  I am sure you all had a GREAT Father's Day weekend!  I, for one, enjoyed the cool rainy weather and I am starting off this week on a pleasant note!

And here I am about to talk about the next Fashion Course coming up in July! Our Short Fashion Course for Beginners! 

The Beginners Course the first in the series of Courses we offer at Martwayne for complete starters who have no prior knowledge of sewing.  It is also one of my favourite courses because it gives us the perfect opportunity to start designers off on a solid foundation.  Generally people have a certain mindset about fashion, the industry and how it works but with this Course, we are able to clear these mindsets and expose people to even more ways of making money in the Industry... and a whole lot more... AND our students have never been disappointed!

So what does the Course teach?

First it exposes participants to the Business Opportunities in the Industry and the Design and Production Process and how to come up with designs from scratch.  Then we teach how to approach a customer and the documentation required in your fashion business in order to exude professionalism when dealing with both customers and tailors.

And then the practical sessions begin.  We discuss the tools required to create proper well finished garments in order to ensure your clothes have a "factory finish" so your clothes do not look like craft work or look home-sewn.  Then there's the introduction to Pattern-Making and of course... we also sew! :-D  And in our classes, we focus on perfect finishing!


Even though both courses start on the same day, after the first Session, students can opt for either of the following options:

Weekday Option:  Three times a week; Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays from 11am to 4pm; or the 
Weekend Option:  Saturdays only from 12 noon to 5pm

The whole Course will last 1 month for the Weekday Option and 12 weeks for the Weekend Option.

Course Fees:

The fees are N45,000 and there is an extra one-off fee of N7,500 for the toolkit.

Classes take place in our Training Centre in Surulere, Lagos.

How to Register:

Simply pay the fees in cash or via online transfer into the "Martwayne Dynamiques" account, 101 411 8569 at any Zenith Bank Branch.

Once it's done, please contact us so we can send you the venue details.

Our contact details are:

0813 298 7824 | 0809 787 6075 [WhatsApp] | Blackberry PIN: 2AC0E9AD |

If you want to visit us before you register, that's not a problem either.  Contact us and we will schedule a convenient time for both parties.

Oh PS:

We also have an instalmental payment option available for those interested.  You can pay in a maximum of 2 instalments.  The upfront payment is N35,000 and you also pay the N7,500 for the toolkit.  The balance is due halfway during the Course.

What Happens Next After the Beginners Course?

Great question!  You move on to the Bodices, Shirts & Dresses Course!  

GREAT!  That's all for the Course.  I would have loved to have posted more recent pictures of previous classes but to be honest, I don't have recent pictures of our classes :-( [NOTE to Self].  We hope to do so with our other classes.

BUT! If you are just hitting our page for the first time, please check out pictures of previous classes.  Simply click on the link:

We look forward to you joining us!

Next Course coming up?  The Design & Illustration Course!

Enjoy your day!

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