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Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello June!!!!!!!

Hello good people!!!!!!  I can-NOT believe we are almost halfway through 2015!  An I also cannot believe it's been ages since I last uploaded a post [insert-covering-my-face-emoticon-in-here :-( ]  Forgive!  Forgive!! FORGIVE!!!  All as a result of procrastination - and yes I must admit - laziness! :-(

BUT!!!!  Here I am again!  Pleased to be here!!!  Grinning that my month started off on a great note!  Did someone ask why?!  Don't worry I'll tell you now! 

Well for starters, I had an AWESOME long weekend - after a pretty eventful week!  

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I had to attend what we like to call a "Celebration of Life".  Yup!  Serious "owambe party tins".  Haha.

How do I look?!  :-D

Then on Thursday night, after class, I attended a James Bond-themed dinner party!  Had a FAH-BU-LOUS time!!! Danced for ages! 


And then drumroll... I woke up on Friday with a HUGE grin on my face - excited at the dawn of a new era - with our new President & Vice President!

Oh I watched every second of the inauguration ceremony (but not so much of the inauguration gala though...I thought that was a bit boring...)  I spent a better part of my morning taking pictures of my TV Screen...and having a blast on Twitter! 

Here are just some of the ones I took:

Just check out that smile.... I'm sure he's thinking... FINALLY!  
Like Aaliyah sang "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again!" 
Honestly... WHAT an inspiration! 

The first families on the right....

And my FAVOURITE PICTURE!!!  Mrs Osinbajo looking STUNNING!  Loved her looks to bits!
Soooo glad none of the first ladies came in white and green!  That is soon overdone!

My Pastor...hehe... Pastor Poju of Covenant Christian Center

And THAT Speech!  WOW!!!  What a Speech!  Lots of hope and lots of promises.  
I am really looking forward to a brighter future!

The very FINE DJ Cuppy who performed at the Inaugural Gala...

And of course, all the while I was singing Michael Buble's 

"It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day, it's a New Life.... and I'm feeling GOOD!"  

If you don't know the song, here's the link:

Actually I think I'll add this link to the side of the page showing my favourites...

So yes!  I was on top of the world... with good reason too.  Those who know me know I took the election personal and I was extremely pleased with the results!  I'm sure you read my post on my activities on Election Day.  If you missed it, here it is:

Oh!  HAHA!  I never told anyone BUT I won a free room courtesy of for my election selfies.  Shame I could not take up the offer though... but the thought of winning something was pretty great!  

Taken from a friend's Blackberry Status...

So what does June 2015 hold for me?

Well... for one, it marks a month filled with promises of a better future for all Nigerians! 

We all know the last few days in May was really tough with the fuel situation - but despite all, I did not mind burning the fuel to watch the inauguration ceremony.  And THAT - my friends - is the power of HOPE!  We all pray the awful power and fuel situations will come to an end soon enough!


I have one month to deliver on my half-year goals... NO PRESSURE whatsoever :-(  Though I don't think I have done too badly - but I know I can and should do better!

SO anywayz... 

Here I am touching base!  Sorry of going AWOL on you!  I'll update you on how our courses went and upcoming courses in another post!

I wish you all a FABULOUS MONTH ahead filled with lots of fulfilled promises, realised dreams, answered prayers and ticked milestones in Jesus's Name!  Amen!  

Here's hoping at the end of the month, you will look back at the past 6 months and be pleased with the giant strides you have taken in line with your 2015 resolutions.

I'll leave you with a picture of the People's General, now called PMB.

Taken from a friend's Blackberry Status

Hopefully this picture will remind us NEVER to give up - no matter what!

Have a great month ahead!


Oh!  PS.  

For all those looking and picking faults with our new President, please give the guy a break!  He's only been in power for 2 days - one of which was a Sunday!  So really, those of your expecting a lot in just 2 days are just being pretty ridiculous!  I am sure if you started a new job, you would still be trying to find your feet even after a month so please - remember he is human and needs ALL our support!  Try not to find faults please!  Such negativity never did anyone any good!  

Phew!  I needed to say that with all the negative comments I am seeing on Twitter and Facebook already - after just 2 days!  Like seriously! Let me not even begin to vent now...  Either way, he's there now so best deal with it! 


  1. Wow I love your write up,i knew you were passionate about the election,now I knew who you voted for,you never wanted to disclose it then.A new dawn has come.

    1. Haha... Thanks a lot Timi. What can I say... Here's to new beginnings... :-D


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