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Monday, March 9, 2015

Want to Learn How to Be Creative & How to Draw?! Then Register for our Short Course in Design & Illustration; Start Dates: 25 March, 2015 (Weekday Option) & 4 April, 2015 (Weekend Option).

AND this is the 2nd brand spanking new Course we are launching this March.  It feels great to develop and launch new courses based on need! :-D

And how did we come about this Course?  I'll tell you just now.
Sometime late last year, I have had several conversations with people in the past about creativity and how to draw but I could really identify with 2 different designers who were a bit unsure of themselves.  

The first lady had submitted some sketches for a competition and was totally gutted when she did not make the cut-off list and she contacted me.  When I asked her to show me the sketches she submitted, she sent me the following images - [please note that I have her permission to post these pictures]:

From the sketches, I knew instantly why her designs were not shortlisted and I told her as much.

Not long after that, I spoke with a designer who had just resigned her job but was worried because she said she was not sure if she could really cope because she knows she is not creative as such.  And yes I could identify with that as well.

Before I went to fashion school, I could not draw to save myself, much less communicate my ideas (if I had any at all) on paper.  So yes, I am speaking from experience.  I learnt every single thing that I know now... and that I teach now - FROM SCRATCH!

And this is why we decided to launch this course - especially since we know people would soon start entering for competitions, fashion schools, starting their fashion businesses and  meeting with customers.  To succeed in any of these areas, they would need to develop portfolios and understand how to defend their collections or designs if they stood a chance at winning or getting a positive outcome.  

I often tell people that if customers give you a magazine to copy, then I doubt they consider you a designer at all.  And that is where a lot of designers I chat to have found themselves.  And this is simply because, without a portfolio, you cannot get your customers to choose from your designs or see you as more than a seamstress.  And I say that in no disrespectful way whatsoever!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a dressmaker or a seamstress.

But if you are a designer, then you need to operate as one - to earn more respect from your customers and also get them to choose from your designs.  And this Course is here to teach you just that!  :-D

About The Short Course in Design & Illustration:

This Course is all about the creative side of fashion.  It is targeted at helping you understand the steps in the creative process and how to develop your designs from scratch.

It teaches how to develop your storyboards, concept boards, mood boards and other tools in the design process to enable you communicate your ideas to your chosen target market - either to your customers, for competitions or for enrolment in fashion schools.

You will not only learn how to develop a collection but also learn how to draw - from scratch.  And the Course also includes Volume 3 of our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course on "Understanding Colours & Fabrics" - in order to understand the various elements of the tools mentioned above.

AND we will also teach how to communicate your designs properly to your tailor in order to minimise errors.  And THAT is very vital in also helping you save costs and a lot of headaches and frustrations.

Start Date & Course Fees:

There are 2 options in this Course:

The Weekday Option which begins on Wednesday, 25 March, 2015 at 12 noon.  Classes will hold on Wednesdays & Thursdays for 6 weeks based on a strict timetable.

The Weekend Option (for busy professionals) which begins on Saturday, 4 April, 2015, also at 12 noon.  Classes will hold on Saturdays only for 10 weeks, also based on a timetable.

The Course Fees are N55,000 and this is inclusive of everything you will need for the Course - including the textbook, the drawing kits, everything!  All you need to do is bring yourself! :-D

Registration Details:

Registration is easy!  All you need to do is pay the required fees by cash or online transfer into the "Martwayne Dynamiques" account, 101 411 8569, Zenith Bank.

Once you do, please send your full name, e-mail address, telephone number & Blackberry PIN (if you have one) to any of the following to get the venue details:

Tel: 0813 298 7824; 0809 787 6075 (WhatsApp)
Blackberry PIN: 2AC0E9AD 

Please note that we need prior registration to enable us get your materials ready before the day.


The training will take place at our Training Centre in Surulere, Lagos - about a 2-minute drive from the National Stadium.  

Due to the nature of the Course, we can only provide the venue details to registered students.  

If you however, wish to visit us ahead of time to be sure we are genuine, no problem at all.  Please give us a call or contact us through any of the means above and we will gladly schedule an appointment to meet with you.

But don't worry, we are genuine :-D - guaranteed!  Take it from anyone who has registered for our Course.


Great!  I think that's about it!  I am so certain you will enjoy it!  We have a great illustrator who is on top of her game, ready to take you by the hand - and I am also here to teach you the step-by-step process so you are in safe hands!  :-D

As always, here is a testimonial from a participant who attended only FEC 3 on Understanding Colours & Fabrics :-D

Told you! :-D  And this was a Course that just lasted about 4 hours or so.  Much less a 6-week course!  So be rest assured you are in good hands!

We can't wait to have you on the Course! 


  1. Replies
    1. Hello Winifred,

      The fees are N55,000 and it is inclusive of everything - i.e. textbook, drawing kits, etc.

      Hope to see you on the Course.

      Many thanks.

  2. Hello! Is there a possibility that this course will be available on weekends.? The timing is quite difficult for workers. Kindly reply asap. Thanks. Lamide

    1. Hello Lamide,

      Yes, we have just introduced a weekend option for busy professionals. This will begin on 4 April, 2015. All other details remain valid except the duration. Since classes will take place on Saturdays only, it will last a bit longer.

      Looking forward to you joining us.

      Thank you so much for your interest.

  3. Are there plans for those not based in Lagos to benefit from your programmes?

    1. Soooo sorry I am just responding I am just responding to this.

      We are considering an online option for our other courses. In fact we just had a Fashion Entrepreneurship Course yesterday via Blackberry and people from other states joined in.

      We are listening and hopefully, soon enough, we will have more courses available online.

      Many thanks Sisi for your interest.

  4. I love fashion. i love drawing. i love doing my hair myself and love combining colours for my little princesses. the problem is i dont have a Blackberry, lolss and i am a civil servant. week days will be kinda tight for me. husband stumbled on this and said i should check it out since i love fashion. You guys are doing great here. How can you help me develop this potential and unquenchable thirst for fashion?

    1. Hello Dolapo,

      Here's hoping you'll see this. Thank you for the compliments.

      We do have a weekend option for busy professionals. Please contact us for more details on the next Set.

  5. Good day would like to attend buh d fee is much for us dat are not yet working. Afoma

    1. Hello Afoma,

      Sorry about this. You can opt for only the Fashion Sketching Aspect. That is cheaper and costs N40,000. We incur costs when running this Course and we have an external facilitator when running this class who we have to pay and we have to factor these in when determining the fees for the Course. Here's hoping you can join us for the Sketching classes.


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