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Monday, March 9, 2015

"Dealing with HORROR Customers in Your Fashion Business" - Register for Volume 8 of our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course; Holds 22 March, 2015 on Your Blackberry Phone / App!

Yes we have all faced this many times.  

- Customers who either take us for granted or seem to revel in causing us so much pain;  
- Customers who can't make their minds up;
- Customers who change their orders at the last minute;
- Customers who claim what was initially agreed on was never agreed on;
- Customers who refuse to pay their balances;
- Customers who, despite you giving your all, seem to believe they are doing you a favour;
- Customers who verbally insult you YET collect the clothes they are insulting you about and never pay for it;
- Customers who agree to pick up an outfit next week - yet call you up the next day asking for the clothes to be ready in 2 days..... 

Anyone being there?  Yes I thought so!  And I can go on and on...

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I have consistently heard so many horror stories from designers that it has become necessary to address these customer-related issues so designers can put up better structures which will protect them from situations like these in the future.

I recall a private consultation with a previous FEC participant who had just about had enough with customers and her issues.  In fact she was the one who opened my eyes to the many challenges designers were facing with respect to this and pretty much told me I needed to run a Course on how to deal with customers.  

An hour or two later, she left, not only well equipped with information on handle these matters but gave me feedback just a few weeks ago in a conversation which I captured below:

:-D  Looks like we did something right.

And on this note, here we are, formally launching Volume 8 of our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course.  

And the best part of this Course is that EVERYONE can participate!!! :-D

Yes yes.... we listened... and decided to act on it - thanks to someone who gave me this tip!  Now location is not a problem at all!  All you need is your Blackberry Phone or the Blackberry App installed on your phone and we are good to go!

Here are the details of the Course:

Theme:  Dealing with HORROR Customers in Your Fashion Business"


- How to Prepare the Required Documentation Required Before a Client Meeting;

[This is key because it sets the tone for the whole meeting + both parties are aware of the exact outcome of this and future meetings].

- How to Act Professionally During & After a Client Consultation to Avoid Being Taken for Granted; 

[Very important because it deals with established customer relationships] and

- How to Handle Difficult Customers - Q&A Session

Date:  Sunday, 22nd March, 2015

Time: 4pm - 7pm

Venue:  Your Blackberry Phone / Blackberry App

Course Fees: N5,000 only [and this includes your handouts and your Certificate of Completion Certificate PLUS a One-Month Support System from all registered participants on the Group Portal - including myself of course...:-D]  

PLUS you get a 25% discount if you register before Wednesday, the 18th of March, 2015.  

It is always key to register ahead of time because it helps me prepare for the Course. 

How to Resigter:

Registration is simple!  Just 3 easy steps:

a)   Pay the fees via cash or online bank transfer into the "Martwayne Dynamiques" account, 101 411 8569, Zenith Bank

b)  Send us your name, e-mail address, telephone number and Blackberry PIN through any of the following means to be added to the Group:

E-Mail:; 0809 787 6075 (Phone & WhatsApp); 0813 298 7824 (Telephone), Blackberry PIN: 2AC0E9AD

The training handouts will be forwarded to you ahead of the training to enable you prepare your questions ahead of time.  

c)  Join us on the 22nd at 4pm prompt!

That's it! 

Great!!!  I am so excited at this new opportunity to reach more people and provide more support structures for we designers - something that is really lacking in this environment.  

You know...

It just occurred to me that every small business is probably facing this, not only fashion businesses so the principles to be taught will pretty much apply to every business.  So if you do have issues with customers generally, regardless of which industry you operate in, then you should join us as well.

I really look forward to you all joining me on Blackberry from the comfort of your homes on the 22nd.

I'll leave you now with another testimonial from one of our FEC participants.... & the second from one of our blog readers... :-D



Watch out for the post on our 2nd Course this March - Short Course in Design & Illustration - coming up shortly.

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