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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Celebrating Our Very Own "Diva", Chivia Xclusive, and her Knitted Swimwear Line

So I planned to talk about the launch and start date of our new Short Fashion Course for Beginners but decided to postpone that and, instead, celebrate and encourage one of my students, who unknown to me, has been very busy...


Meet Olivia.... or my "Diva" as I call her.  Why do I call her diva?  She just has this laid-back yet dramatic nature about her which I find quite amusing.  To be honest, I used to think she was a tad bit lazy until I realised that in her spare time, she is actually a very busy bee!  And I must say, I have been impressed!  

It is clear she loves fashion and though she finds her class work a bit stressful, she has managed to get herself a few clients and leveraging on the knowledge of students ahead of her and passing work to them till she gets to the point where she can take the work on herself.  And that is very commendable.  She has mastered the art of networking and outsourcing without giving the excuse "oh I can't take on that work because I have not reached that stage yet".  I honestly have been inspired and impressed by her determination.

So anywayz... recently, I saw her knitting and found it fascinating.  That was one thing I always wanted to learn but somehow never got the hang of it.  I asked her what she was doing and was stunned when she showed me the pieces she had already created.  I was actually shocked to know she had gone as far as taking a photoshoot of her work.  

Yes she has just a few pieces and each is hand-knitted but the rest is work-in-progress.  Her use of colour and the placements are so fab I am just wowed!

Here she is doing her thing...  

And here are the pieces...

I honestly cannot imagine how long it took her to complete this dress.  I think she said 3 months!  I'm not sure if the mesh top is part of her work but the others definitely are.  And if she can create those, I am sure she can create mesh tops and a whole lot more!

And if you are as daring as this babe, then you need one of these for yourselves.  And if you don't want a bikini, I am sure she can create a swimsuit or a nice poncho for you! :-D

If you would like something exclusively made for you by Chivia-Xclusive or even want to learn how to knit, do hit Olivia up on 0803 381 4296 or via Blackberry 2BB6FC47.  Please guys, encourage a sister and never despise the days of humble beginnings.  Remember... Aldo started off with one pair of shoes...  

Here's hoping Olivia's move can also inspire and encourage someone who has a skill or love for anything whatsoever but is not really sure how to start off.

Remember, it is always about the little steps you take towards achieving your dream and we, at Martwayne, are here to help you turn your love for fashion into a viable business.  And our next post coming up tells you just how to go about it!  If Olivia can do it, so can you!  


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  1. This post is encouraging, you have done a sister good.


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