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Monday, December 8, 2014

The Blooming Rose Debut Collection by Adunni

Hello!  Hello!! Hello!!!  I cannot believe it is December already!!!  Wow!  I am sure many of us are already on wind down mode... actually no not really... I just remembered this would typically be the busiest period for the fashion industry!

Here's praying this December offers us the many opportunities we hope for in the New Year and gives us just a taste of what is to come in 2015! Amen!

Great!  My post for today!  Which I am pretty excited about :-D

Meet Folake, a student in my 2a class! Sometime last month (or perhaps late October), she informed me about an exhibition her sister advised her to sign up for.  Just halfway through the Course, she was ready to take the bull by the horns - and as always, I was all for it.

So she started work immediately despite having so little time to prepare for it.  She kept the designs simple so she could deliver on quite a number of outfits, developed her own sizes, designed her fabrics, started work on the patterns, outsourced some of the clothes and made some by herself.  A few weeks later, her clothes were almost done and she was ready to take pictures.  And I must confess, I was pleasantly surprised - not because I thought she would not be able to deliver but because I was surprised at how effortless it all came together.    

For those of us who knew when Folake started out, we can safely tell you it was not easy for her when she started classes.  Many times, her frustrations particularly with the sewing machine got so bad she would burst into tears - but she would keep at it, still sewing through the tears, never discouraged!  

And that same attitude got her to Friday!  The pictures were supposed to be nothing major - or so she thought.  Until we all decided to involve ourselves.  So as Stella helps out with some finishing on the items, Moyo whips out her make up bag and proceeds to work on Tosin whilst Chinenye worked on the hair.  I was ready with my phone, Rukayat helped out with accessories and others pretty much helped out with choreography.  

One would think it was all planned but somehow we managed to get some pictures taken.  I think the spontaneity made it all the more fun and as I took some pictures, I edited them immediately on my phone.

Check out the work we did!  :-D

Some of the fabrics designed by Folake:


Some unedited images:


The final pictures:



Not bad for a bunch of rookies right?!  Shame we did not have time to take more clothes.

But what is more important is the fact that Folake looked beyond limitations and launched herself out!  And that is what is important!  It can only get better from here on.

Hopefully Folake sold lots at the exhibition which happened over the weekend!  And if you like any of the items - including the fabric, do place an order for it.  I will get her details and publish them up here.

Great!  Here's hoping these humble beginnings will also inspire you to take the plunge and also take the bull by the horns.  Remember the only limitations you have are the ones you set for yourself.  We didn't wait for the perfect camera or a make up artist.  We did it all by ourselves and so can you!

Have a great week ahead!



  1. I love Martwayne. T. A Williams is such a great teacher and my course mates like Folake are very inspiring. With God we can do all things. Keep up the good work Tope :)

    1. Yaye!!! Thank you so much Chinenye!!! :-D We love you too at Martwayne.. and to be honest, we can't do much without our students. I am really impressed with the effort you put into doing more work in your own time. Really happy with that!

      Thanks a lot for the encouragement!

      Soon enough, we will be having our own mini-shoot with your stuff. Really looking forward to that!

  2. I am sooooo proud of you Folake. Up, Up and Up you go.

  3. hello, when is the next foundation classes starting?

    1. Hello. Probably in January. Will keep you posted on developments in the New Year.

      Many thanks.

  4. Wow, soo proud of you Folake. God bless Tope, God bless Martwayne for empowering us thru fashion and raising a crop of designers that will take over the fashion world very soon! Watch out!

    1. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! Thanks a lot Mr Yalokwu! Much appreciated!

  5. Love, love, love the energy, WORK and fun at Martwayne!!! Tope thanks a lot for everything!! And Flaky this is the start of awesome things!! It's so great learning with people who inspire me everyday! And even though I sucked at modelling y'all made it so much better! :*

    1. Haha... you didn't do too badly actually...

      Pleasure's all mine. Always remember you registered for a Course and I am glad you are happy with the "WORK" and results you are getting! I am also pleased with all the efforts you put it. Inspires me to put in my best!

  6. Go girl. This is beautiful, Thank God for a place like Martwayne. Weldone

    1. Thank you Victory :-D Thank God for students like you who make the work all worthwhile...


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