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Monday, January 6, 2014

To The Start of Another Great Working Year...

Hello everyone!!!!!  Welcome to the start of another FAB working year!!!  Yes many of us have our list of resolutions and our targets for 2014 - and so do we at Martwayne! :-D

Yes we left a few things undone last year but we hope to initiate and complete these projects this year with clear cut plans for continuity.  

Here's a quick update on the start dates for training.  I'll keep you posted on other activities at the point of execution.

1.  The Foundation Course in Fashion Design

For the currently registered students, classes will resume on Tuesday, 14th January, 2014 (weekday option) and Saturday, 18 January, 2014.  

A new stream of the Foundation Course will begin on 28th January for the weekday option and 1 February for the weekend option.

Students moving on to the next Level or starting afresh should please register ahead of these start dates to enable us get your materials ready for the Course.

All fees remain the same.  Here's me keeping my fingers crossed that the power situation improves because towards the end of last year and till now, the Power situation has really been awful! :-(

2.  The Fashion Entrepreneurship Course

You can still request for private sessions of the FECs you are interested in.  Do let us know ahead of time so we can slot this into our time-table for the year.  Participants interested in FEC 1 can attend this class with the new Stream on any of the dates listed above.

All fees also remain the same.

3.  Designers Connect 

Hmmnnn.... what can I say about this... Nothing to be honest :-(

Most of my plans last year did not materialise due to reliance on factors outside my control - mostly funding and also because I had some grandiose plan in mind.  

I think this year, we'll keep things simple and try to make things work.  I will keep you posted on developments if and when they do occur so I don't make promises I cannot keep.


In keeping with the vision for the Network, please keep sending me a list of the challenges you are facing in your fashion business.  Those I am still working on.  And if you also offer a product or service, do let me know as well.  Perhaps I know someone who needs your services.

Errr.... what else....?!  I think that's about it for now.  Other business targets and projects are in-house.


I'll sign off now by welcoming you to 2014 - what I call "My Year of Realized Goals and 'Ticked Milestones'"  Yeah sounds strange I know...  I couldn't figure out how else to put it so if you have a better phrase that means the same thing, do share so I can adapt accordingly!  ;-D

Here's wishing you a great and successful year ahead - and praying you also tick off your to-do list by this time next year!  

Have an excellent one!


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