Martwayne | Power Through Fashion: January 2014

Friday, January 10, 2014

Is the Customer Always King Even at the Expense of Your Reputation?!

So we had this conversation last year - is fashion design about creativity or decency?    Here's the link just in case you haven't read it: 

I decided to revisit the "Creativity vs Decency" debate when my students pointed out that the controversial dress appeared to have been custom-made for the lady.  And they are probably right... judging from how the strips were strategically placed.  

Although I still maintain that the dress was a clever piece of work and pretty much everyone who responded to me via Blackberry agreed with me that fashion was more about creativity, my question now became "why create an outfit for a plus-size lady that would have been more suitable for a smaller size"?!  

I guess the real question is:

"What happens when your customer requests for an outfit you know fully well would be unflattering for her size and body shape?!  Would you still go ahead and create the outfit even when you have your own reservations about it and you know it will give your reputation as a creative expert a bashing?" 

I know this is a major challenge of many designers and seamstresses.  I have heard so many horror stories and the first thing that always pops to mind is:  "Why didn't you just walk away from the order?"

Picture this all-too-common scenario...