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Thursday, December 5, 2013

And Still on the Subject of Decent / Indecent Dressing...

... I was just going through someone's blog articles when I stumbled yet again on this picture...

Now for anonymity sake, I'll leave out the credit because it includes the person's name.

Now... the article about this picture went along the lines of "how can a married woman be dressed like this to a function?!"  And here I am thinking "HUH"?!  Like seriously?  I honestly did not get her point.

What exactly is the bone of contention?  The outfit itself or the fact that the person wearing it is married?  

And the second question that pops to mind is "would the outfit be okay if it was a single lady wearing it?!"

It instantly reminded me of a conversation I had with someone a while back on this same subject.  Apparently the person was at church and a lady was wearing something that did not go well with him.  Fine... he didn't like the outfit, fair enough.  But then he concluded by saying "and the worst thing is that the lady is married".  

With this "punchline", he obviously expected some form of huge shock or disbelief on my face but was met with a completely blank, bordering on disinterested look.  What went through my head at that point was "So?!  What's your point?!"  And I asked, if the outfit would have been less offensive if she was single?!

Without going too much into the subject of being single, married and all what not, (that really is a matter for another day), what I will say is: people need to focus on the real issues... which in this case is the outfit.  The subject of her being single or married is totally irrelevant.  In this environment, this outfit would be seen as inappropriate for both single and married ladies. Period!  


  1. T-Wills - me I tire for these people o. Its like there is a separate standard of decency for single and married women. Its probably based on the assumption that single women should be "desperate" for attention hence dress provocatively, while married women, having "hooked" their man need not be so "showy".

    Or it could be the angle that a wife "represents" her husband, hence her indecency is not just a shame to her but to her man....well, I can relate to that, but indecency is still indecency and there is no excuse for it in my view - so, lets all face the real issue. As you have said.

    Look forward to your future post on the married versus single thing - always a lively subject with enough pin headed people ready to chime in their own parochial views on the subject.

    1. Gosh! I honestly don't get it. So a single lady does not represent her friends and family and will not disgrace them if she is inappropriately dressed? In fact, where someone misbehaves, the first question that is asked is "whose child is that?" not "whose wife is that?" regardless of whether she is single or married.

      And why should society determine what a married lady should wear? As long as she and her husband are okay with it, that is all that matters. In fact, I know guys who have complained that the "hot" wives they married no longer dress hot and it is pretty upsetting and quite off-putting for them. If only some ladies knew that their new-found "decency" is the real thorn in their marriages.

      Like I said... another story for another day...

      Many thanks for your input. I am glad someone agrees with me on this point.


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