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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Food for Thought... Salary vs Enjoyment

So whilst searching for pictures on my previous post on Salary vs Commission Payment, I stumbled upon this picture:

I thought it was pretty interesting especially the "Creatives" section...

You can read the rest of the article here:

Real food for thought...

Money Matters - Commission vs Salary... Which is the Better Option for Your Tailors?!

So I had almost forgotten what this blog looked like.  It's been ages since I uploaded a post.  Not sure what exactly happened to me.  After the initial glitches I had trying to post a new article, I just kind of got distracted and lost interest for a bit....  Guess everyone has those moments...  

BUT anyways here I am posting another article.  I am scared to say "I'm back" just in case I abscond for another few days... but I'll try not to. :-D

For those who kept visiting and posting comments, especially the amazing one on "Dare to Dream...", thanks a lot!  Nothing better than knowing that your articles add value to people and I am glad to know it helped.

Great!  So what am I chatting about today???

MONEY MATTERS!!!!!  The major problem EVERYONE has!!!  But I'll limit what I have to say to the major question most designers who run production units ask at every event, every seminar and pretty much at every opportunity:

"Should I pay my workers per piece or should I put them on a salary?"

THAT people is the million-dollar question and here is my take on it.