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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Foundation Course in Fashion Design: New Start Dates, Answers to FAQs & Pictures!!!

Hello Everyone. Hope you've had a great week so far! 

So I am finally posting information about the next Foundation Course scheduled to begin next Saturday (17 August) & Tuesday (20 August) for the weekend and weekday options respectively.  Seems my internet's lucid interval didn't last very long.  :-(

Anywayz, I have received a lot of enquiries about the course which, of course, is very encouraging for me so I am pretty eager to begin the next Stream.  This post also features answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) I get on the Course so this should give you more insight into the Course, regardless of the start dates.

Oh... the Basic Course has been discontinued so please strike that out.  Classic case of duplicated efforts.

Of course, it has also been a while since I posted pictures of previous classes so you'll also get to see enough pictures.  I have a serious backlog of pictures.  We ran 3 levels, 1a, 1b & 2a, before the break and it was quite an experience.  Those in 2a have discovered that Levels 1a & 1b were pretty much a stroll in the park in comparison and yes, it has grown tougher. 

Here's just a sneak preview of some of the pictures...


BUT before the pictures, I'll give you a run-down of the course, the duration and related fees which answers many frequently asked questions.  If you require more information, do not hesitate to contact me on the numbers in the flyer or add me up on Blackberry for a chat.


What Martwayne's Foundation Course in Fashion Design (MFC) is About:

The Foundation Course in Fashion Design (MFC) is targeted at aspiring and practising designers / entrepreneurs.  It teaches the creative, the sewing as well as the business sides of fashion for those who would like to start a fashion business.  

How The Course Runs:

The  MFC is split into 3 modules and each module has 2 levels.  Payment for the Course is per level and everyone begins from Level 1a, regardless of the level of skill.  Each level is a pre-requisite to the next level and students move on to subsequent levels after the successful completion of the previous level.

What We Teach:

The Course is predominantly a practical course so it teaches pattern drafting and garment construction.  However, there is another aspect of the Course which teaches the design and production process, how to develop your designs from scratch using themes and tools of the design process, the documentation required in a fashion business, how to charge for your clothes, etc.

Because it gives a rounded view of what it takes to start a fashion business, students are taught vital principles through lectures and assignments that will enable them think as for themselves, make their own decisions, and learn as they move up the levels from their experiences.  

We pride ourselves on teaching people to become designers and business owners and not just dress makers.  We, therefore, expect that from the end of the first Module, students begin to recognize who they are as designers, utilize the knowledge gained at the end of each level, test the principles taught from Level 1a, sew for people, learn from their practical experiences, charge appropriately for their work and most of all, learn how to deal with their clients professionally without shortchanging themselves.

At the end of the Course, students would have learnt enough about the process right from concept to completion to enable them put their knowledge to practice, even if on a small scale and build their businesses from there. 

How Long Does It Take?

The duration of the Course will depend on the option chosen by the student.

There is a weekend option (for full-time workers) and a weekday option for those with a more flexible schedule.

For the weekend option, Level 1a will run for 6 weeks (excluding breaks) and classes are on Saturdays only, from 3pm to 7pm.   The other 5 levels run for 12 weeks each (excluding breaks, if any).  

For the weekday option, classes will run twice a week; in which case students will be done in half the time.

Frequently Asked Questions about the MFC

I know absolutely nothing about sewing.  Can I still register?

Of course.  The MFC was developed specifically for beginners and many of our students could not thread sewing machines when they started the Course... but they learnt and are now churning out work.  So don't worry about it, you'll be fine!

I can already sew and would consider myself quite experienced.  Can I start from a more advanced level?

:-)  No unfortunately... everyone begins from Level 1a.  Since we teach a lot more than just how to sew, many topics which would have been treated in previous levels would seem strange to you in the more advanced levels and we would be unable to backtrack.  You will struggle in the more advanced levels as the knowledge gained in one level is required for the next level.

We are, however, working on how to accelerate more experienced students through Level 1a to enable them complete the Level in a shorter period of time.  What this means is, yes you will begin from Level 1a, but you will complete it in a shorter period and move on once you have completed all the assignments and projects.  If you do complete it in a shorter period, your fees will be prorated and a portion transferred towards your Level 1b fees.  But this is entirely at our discretion and is heavily dependent on how quickly you comprehend and how accurately you complete your assigned tasks.

And don't worry, the Course becomes more tasking right from Level 1b.  We only split the Modules into numbers to explain our focal points of attention in each module.

I am quite experienced but want to improve on my skills.  Will the MFC be appropriate?

Well... what I ask people who can already sew is why they want to continue learning how to sew.  You can opt for our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (FEC) and learn how to turn the skill into a business.  The strength lies in understanding the process and not just the skill.

I don't think sewing is for me.  Do I still need the Foundation Course?

Well... you don't have to learn how to sew to run a fashion business but it is important to understand the process so you can guide your production team.  So I would advise you register for the Foundation Course and when you are confident you have learnt enough, you can switch to our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course to learn how to start a clothing line.  

I am interested in just the pattern-making aspect.  Is there a Course that addresses this?

We are working on this and will post the details as soon as we are certain on how we can separate just the pattern-making aspect from the rest of the Foundation Course to avoid duplication of efforts as with the Basic Course.

Do you run full-time courses?

No.  We believe students need time to complete their assignments and also time for self-study and research.  Besides, time away from class can be sent practicing what you have learnt in each level on people and charging for your services.  If you use this time wisely, you should be able to make the money you spent on registering for the Course back in no time.

How Much Does the Foundation Course cost? 

The fees for the Level 1a are N37,500 (and an extra one-off fee of N7,500 for your toolkit), while the other 5 levels (Levels 1b to 3b) cost N45,000 each.   

Can I get a discount?

:-)  We really wish but the fees for the Course are fixed.  In fact, they are so priced due to shared costs.

How do I register for it?

Payment of the registration fees into the "Martwayne Dynamiques" account, No  101 223 3897, at any Zenith Bank Branch reserves your seat on the course.  It is important that you register ahead of the class to enable us prepare for you.

Where Will the Classes Take Place?

All classes hold at our Training Center in Surulere, Lagos, about a 3 minute drive from the National Stadium (towards Alhaji Masha Roundabout).

We only disclose our address to those who have registered for proper planning.  We have had cases where we were oversubscribed for the Course and we had more students than seats available and would like to avoid that.  Seats are, therefore, reserved on a "first come - first served" basis.

Should you wish to visit us before registering to be sure we are genuine, however, please contact us through the details provided below and we will schedule an appointment convenient to both parties.  As we are not always available to meet with people, e.g. during classes, we would not want to offend you if you show up unannounced.  

Can I start classes at anytime?

No.  We work on a structured curriculum so please contact us if you might miss the start date so we can work around it.  Otherwise, you will have to wait for the next Stream.

When is the next start date?

The next stream is scheduled to begin on the 17th and 20th of August, 2013 for the weekend and weekday options respectively.  Subsequent classes will be announced in due Course.  Please note that the structure of the Course will not change and the information provided above will be valid for all subsequent classes, unless otherwise stated.

Contact details:

Please do not hesitate to contact 0809 787 6075 / 0813 298 7824; via e-mail: or via Blackberry if you use one; PIN 296CB9FD.

Do continue to visit this blog for updates on our courses and other articles of interest.


Great!  Thank you so much!  I think I've been able to address questions many people have asked me over time about the Course.  If I get more questions, I'll just answer them here.


You would not believe that it has pretty much taken the whole week to upload these pictures.  But I finally managed somehow... and here they are.  I have mixed previous streams together so I have quite a bit.  If they get too much, I'll continue in another post.

And so we begin with pictures from Level 1a.

Day 1: 

FEC 1, a presentation on understanding the industry, the design and production process, how to approach a customer, etc.  Those who missed FEC 1 can register for just this first class at N10,000 only.


And then we move on to the practicals...


We encourage peer / group learning...

Working on their final projects...

And once we're done with Level 1a, we move on to Level 1b where the work pretty much triples... 1b focuses more on creativity and also builds on the knowledge learnt in 1a.   

Students defending their projects in front of the class.  It is important to learn how to pass and learn from constructive criticisms to enhance / improve on their work as design professionals. 

Different interpretations of the theme "Synthesizer"

The next set defending their theme "Sacred Illusion".  Don't have many pictures though... At some point, we just forgot to take pictures... The days went by so fast! 



A student being queried by another on her work...

Once the projects have been approved, then the churning begins!


We work hard...


And still manage to find time to relax...

And best of all... we learn from each other...

And we all learn from each other...

And at the end of Level 1b, they are left with their finished products...



...and a great sense of accomplishment... and with good reason too.  About 90% of our students could not thread a sewing machine before they started the Course...

And the best part for me is, they get to sew me something as their final project for the Level... :-D It's great to be the teacher... haha...

If you like any of these skirts, please contact me and I'll hook you up with the student. 
 I think they all have a great fit!

And the BEST part of all is some of them have already started sewing for themselves and others... for a fee might I add... :-D  

Nena rocking her skirts to work...

And the best part of the Foundation Course is, once you understand the principles, you can apply the knowledge to anything really.  Here are the throw-pillows Nena also made for her living room.  And I believe she already has orders for them...

If you want these beautiful throw pillows, I can also hook you up with Nena.

Yes it is hectic and it is no joke but that's what it's about really... making the mistakes in a learning but fun ;-) environment before you start off fully. 

It is challenging but I believe it is well worth it (even if I do say so myself).  At the end of Level 1b, you really should begin to recognize who you are as a designer and you will continue to develop this as you move up the levels.  We have already started Level 2a.

Although we are only a few weeks into Level 2a, I told the students who planned to attend the wedding (including the 1b class) that they had to sew their own outfits.  They had enough knowledge from 1b and a bit of 2a (for those in that level) to churn something out, no matter how simple.  Sadly I didn't get to see many of them but at least the photographer captured this shot.  Shame you couldn't really see much of the design details in the bodice portion of the dresses...

And we're not even halfway into the Level.  So for those wondering if they'll only learn skirts, don't worry, you also will learn dresses as you move up the levels.  

And that's what it's about really... knowing who you are as a designer.  I have told people who keep hammering on about sewing that running a fashion business is not just about the sewing.  Anyone can teach you how to handle a machine but not many can teach you about the creative and business sides of it.  And that is what the Foundation Course is really about.  

So if you are up for it... and you are ready to turn your love for fashion into a viable business, then register for the MFC now.  The start dates again are 17th August, 2013 (weekend option) and 20th August, 2013 (weekday option).  Our contact details once again are 0809 787 6075 / 0813 298 7824;; BB Pin: 296CB9FD... and I believe I'll reinstall my WhatsApp so you can also reach me there.

We look forward to you joining the Course!  

Do enjoy the rest of the long weekend and Barka de Sallah to everyone!!!

Cheers and do spread the word about Martwayne!!!! MWAH!

PS.  Don't forget the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors!  Registrations are still on.

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