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Friday, August 16, 2013

Debut Collection from Colour-Me-Design, An Ex-Martwayne Student :-D

I was about to wind down for the night when I received a link in a broadcast from one of my ex-Level 1a students, Priscilla, who is currently serving in Anambra.  She registered for the Foundation Course just before she left for service.

To be honest, I had actually forgotten she was serving when I called her my "runaway student".  I asked her what she had been up to since she absconded from the Course and she goes "Please see what I've been up to and share your views".  So I went to my system, opened the link and my jaw hit the ground at what I saw...

The chic had been busy working on her collection!

I did recall her on her last day furiously churning away at the machine on some ankara peplum belt as she called it but I just assumed she was wearing it to a party.  Little did I know...

Just check out some of her ankara garments and accessories from her debut collection titled "My Generation, Beauty in Diversity".

Stunning peplum belts...


She has more stuff on her site so you can view them by clicking on the link:

Now Priscilla claims she could not sew before she joined the Course.  I am not too sure I can remember actually since these designs are clouding my judgement but I will reconfirm this from my assistant.  But I know she only completed Level 1a.  She did, however, confirm that she did a lot of research on her own and continued practising what she had learnt when she left for service.

I have told her she should drop a comment in the relevant section, repeating all she said to me via Blackberry.  Hopefully she will not abscond.

Now this is someone to watch out for.  She had a goal and she went all out to achieve it, regardless of location or her skill.  She continued to improve on what she had learnt and churned out her pieces and accessories all by herself!  I am too impressed.  

People if you like her work, which I am sure you will do, please contact her to place an order.  According to her, the pieces are between N3,500 and N5,000.  I'm not too sure which of these garments are hers but I suspect all the ankara work.  Furthermore, her pictures clearly show you how you can combine her pieces with regular garments for that chic look.

Wow!  Garments!  Photoshoot!  Website!  Like uber-wow!  This girl is on a roll!  I am so  inspired now!  And I hope you are as well!  Now none of us has an excuse anymore!  No not 1.  If she can do it, so can we!

More than 1,000 Thumbs Up for Priscilla!


  1. Where do I start?!
    Okay, let me begin from the part that my name is priscillia okpan, an Ex/Runaway student of Martwayne fashion school.
    I've always loved fashion for as long as I can remember but I never thought I'll get this far!
    I saw the Ad for Martwayne on Bella Naija and I got the address thereof.
    I recall the first time I stepped into that 'chilly' class and met Tope, I knew at once I had found the place where my untapped talent would be nurtured to full potential.
    I pleaded with my reluctant father to pay the fees for the foundation course(level 1a only) and the rest they say is history.
    One thing I appreciate most about my experience at Martwayne is how she(Tope) handles each student with importance; until you understand, she'll go over and over an area of difficulty.
    Even though being posted to another state was a heart breaker for me, I promised myself I was going to work hard no matter what or where, and here I am today, proud owner of a clothing outfit for females.
    Success isn't geographical.
    I know where I am now is nothing compared to where I aim to be, I believe with God's grace, hardwork, focus, DISCIPLINE and support it'll be a reality in no time!
    I'll definitely return to Martwayne after service to improve my skill and knowledge.
    So thank you Tope and the Martwayne family for helping to build another success story.
    For any further details, you can reach me via my site>
    BB pin: 291C31CF
    Mobile number: 08074229950

    1. And a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Priscilla.

      I didn't even know today the 16th was her birthday until she told me the post was her first birthday present! Like Wow!

      Here's me and everyone who wishes you well a wonderful day! May you find favor wherever you go; May God's goodness continue to shine on you; May you never have a designer's block (that's a really awful thing) and may you continue to excel and always have cause to give thanks to God always!

      So there people! You heard it from the designer herself! I do remember the day she came in with her aunt. And yes, our classes are pretty chilly... AC and music on full blast... We've had to tone it down actually...

      No I did not ask her to massage my ego or anything but she pretty much said the same thing to me on Blackberry.

      I guess this post could not have come at a better time... just before the start of another Level 1a. Here's hoping you register for the Course. And really, it's all up to you!

      Enjoy your day Priscilla! I'll celebrate it with you! And you owe me a slice of cake! Cheesecake thank you!


  2. her work is lovely.

    1. Yes it sure is! Talk about turning the knowledge from 1a only into a business! I am just too impressed!

  3. What a great work...hmmmm I just hope & pray I don't live this world without achieving my dream of being a great/good fashion designer just becoz I don't hv d money and...well Prisca cheers!!!and to u Tobe God's blessings.

  4. I'm inspired.............Priscilla u've really done well. Gr8 designs u av dere. I'm jealous.

  5. Hi, I want to be a designer, though I have no knowledge of the sewing skills and I can't even draw but can write down my idea;I have been looking for a fashion school that I can learn how to draw and sew my designs; and that's not too expensive. I was wondering if I can at least know your fee scheme and address. Prisca's design is nice and I hope I can learn fast and good like her. Thanks

  6. I like her never- say-die attitude. Success isn't geographical. Well done priscillia. The world is waiting for u

  7. I am really inspired...for real!!!n am so goin to join MFC family soon

  8. Inspiring.... i want to be a fashion designer nd found this quite interesting. please can u post me ur fee and location. nice touch u have there, really want to be a member.


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