Martwayne | Power Through Fashion: August 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dare to Dream... The Power of Positive Confessions. [Part 1 - How It All Began...]

Pre-Wedding Shoot by Ayodeji Samuel

Ok so I've finally found the liver to tell my long-overdue story.  To be honest, I had written it several times in my head but for some reason never posted it.  I guess after receiving more wedding gifts over the weekend from 2a students and the sermon on Sunday, I decided it was finally time... perhaps what worked for me would also work for someone out there.

I actually have no clue how to start so I guess I'll start from what I think is the beginning... 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Debut Collection from Colour-Me-Design, An Ex-Martwayne Student :-D

I was about to wind down for the night when I received a link in a broadcast from one of my ex-Level 1a students, Priscilla, who is currently serving in Anambra.  She registered for the Foundation Course just before she left for service.

To be honest, I had actually forgotten she was serving when I called her my "runaway student".  I asked her what she had been up to since she absconded from the Course and she goes "Please see what I've been up to and share your views".  So I went to my system, opened the link and my jaw hit the ground at what I saw...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Torn Between Entrepreneurship & Employment

So I'm chatting to a Blackberry contact about her intention to register for the Foundation Course when she suddenly asks me this question out of the blue:


"Do you think it is worthwhile for a young graduate from another discipline entirely to stick to fashion design without first working at her own qualification or you'll rather advise that such a fellow works for a number of years and fall back to the fashion industry?"

The reason is I have 2 degrees in a completely unrelated field from fashion and I do have a bias for what I studied.  After a long series of processes, a company has called me for a position in this field but I do not want to let go of my fashion business.  I have built it to a certain level and have a steady clientele but I also want to have a feel of the organizational structure out there to justify my many years of academic hard work.

Unfortunately, I do not have a business system that can run without me in place yet.  I have been doing 70% of the work so right now, without me my business cannot continue.  I have a family and young children to take care of, with the huge demands of the type of work, with the possibility of working weekends, and my family commitments, I will have no time for the business.

Some have opined that I can hardly combine work and my business altogether effectively.  What do I do? :_("

_________________(edited to protect the identity of the contact).

Don't worry she's aware I'm posting this as I asked her permission.  I try not to break my code of confidentiality but I thought it would help to post this since I am sure many people out there are facing this same predicament (even if not in the field of fashion).  

This is not the first time people have sought my opinion on similar matters and my heart really went out to her.  I could really identify with her predicament and can only imagine how tough the decision must be for her.  However, I did not bat an eyelid when I gave her the following response...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Foundation Course in Fashion Design: New Start Dates, Answers to FAQs & Pictures!!!

Hello Everyone. Hope you've had a great week so far! 

So I am finally posting information about the next Foundation Course scheduled to begin next Saturday (17 August) & Tuesday (20 August) for the weekend and weekday options respectively.  Seems my internet's lucid interval didn't last very long.  :-(

Anywayz, I have received a lot of enquiries about the course which, of course, is very encouraging for me so I am pretty eager to begin the next Stream.  This post also features answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) I get on the Course so this should give you more insight into the Course, regardless of the start dates.

Oh... the Basic Course has been discontinued so please strike that out.  Classic case of duplicated efforts.

Of course, it has also been a while since I posted pictures of previous classes so you'll also get to see enough pictures.  I have a serious backlog of pictures.  We ran 3 levels, 1a, 1b & 2a, before the break and it was quite an experience.  Those in 2a have discovered that Levels 1a & 1b were pretty much a stroll in the park in comparison and yes, it has grown tougher. 

Here's just a sneak preview of some of the pictures...


BUT before the pictures, I'll give you a run-down of the course, the duration and related fees which answers many frequently asked questions.  If you require more information, do not hesitate to contact me on the numbers in the flyer or add me up on Blackberry for a chat.


What Martwayne's Foundation Course in Fashion Design (MFC) is About:

The Foundation Course in Fashion Design (MFC) is targeted at aspiring and practising designers / entrepreneurs.  It teaches the creative, the sewing as well as the business sides of fashion for those who would like to start a fashion business.  

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Frustrated Entrepreneur's Take on the "Freebie" Mentality

So I'm going through my e-mails this morning and came across this hilarious e-mail from Efe Imiren of  As hilarious as it was though, I could completely identify with the guy's frustration as s/he typed it out.  

But anywayz, Efe's E-Mail titled: "What To Do When People Don't Value Your Ideas" speaks for itself.  I, for one, can completely identify with his frustration.  I lifted it as is so you read it and decide if the writer is justified.