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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Breaking the Silence With Some Wedding Pictures!!! :-D

Yes people!!!  This is the reason I have been incommunicado for the past month or so.  I made a deliberate attempt to stay away from anything work-related so I could focus on the wedding.... or so I thought anywayz.  Actually to be honest, this was the reason I had been on and off work since this year started since the wedding was meant to hold in March 2013 but it was moved because of the Lenten season (or is it Lent?).  Anywayz... the move was a blessing in disguise because it gave me even more time to plan!  :-D And plan I did... since I planned the whole wedding myself.  Haha.... I wish!  Couldn't have done much without the HUGE MASSIVE HELP from my sisters (BIG MASSIVE MWAH! to both of them), my parents (MWAH! MWAH!!) and pretty much all my family, friends, employees and vendors  (MWAH! MWAH!! MWAH!!!) who ensured all went great!  I will be forever grateful to God, my husband, my in-laws and every single person who made all this possible and who worked tirelessly to ensure I had a smile on my face at all times!  To be honest, I can't think of anything that went wrong (apart from my falling ill but I'm sure no one could tell).  Feedback on the wedding has been TRES FAB!!!  Not one negative comment at all!  In fact at some point, I heard people were begging to stop being served food and people were carting off bottles of drinks, wine and spirits as souvenirs!  Haha!  And everyone had fun!!!  Or so I have been told...  

Okay... so I've pretty much been banned from picking up calls, responding to BB messages and uploading pictures on my blog throughout the wedding period since I landed in hospital just days before the wedding.  Yours truly worked till the Friday before the wedding week and ended up being admitted in hospital (malaria and typhoid they said... triggered by stress)! :-(  In fact I was discharged the day before the engagement ceremony.  And the ban is still on till now... that's why I'm up this late posting this!

But anywayz... no stories in this post!  The stories will come later (all Parts 1 to like 10 of them haha no jokes).  I'm here just to upload the pictures I stole from my friends' BB display pictures so you all can understand why I've been away this whole year.  I haven't actually seen the pictures the photographer took but once I get them, I'll upload them.  Trust me, they'll be much nicer than these ones.  The guy is just too good!  If y'all need a photographer, Ayodeji Samuel Adekoya (formerly known as Majickbrush Photography is the one to call).  Here's what his work looks like.  

My bottle of perfume & the make-up artist working on me! I told you he was good! ;-D

I'll tell you how I heard about him later.  And don't worry, you'll get the directory of all the vendors I used.  I have told them I will tell everyone who cares to listen how GREAT they were! They had BETTER BE nicer than these ones since they'll be edited.  But enjoy the pictures... :-D

Starting with the engagement pictures!!!  :-D :-D :-D

(WHAT???!!! Who's THAT chic?!)  THAT's NOT ME!!! And what says you about my necklace???!!! Haha! :-D  

Even I couldn't recognize myself when the make-up artist, Elaine of ShoMya was done!)  She is just TRES FAB!!! The BEST!  She got exactly what I wanted and I didn't even do a trial because I was in hospital.  Now THAT was a risk worth taking!  If y'all need a make-up artist, Elaine is definitely the one to go for!  But anywayz, don't worry, you'll hear all the stories will come later.

And YES!  I tied 2 geles.  Will explain why in later posts. :-D

Sir (as we fondly call my dad) and I.  He's a Knight you know where the Sir came from... :-D

The Engagement Ceremony @ KFA Rentals, Lekki

My husband "dropping" me in his mother's lap.  I'm sure you all are familiar with how Yoruba traditional weddings are.

Engagement Cake by Seun of Miss Baker.  Absolutely amazing chic!  
She and her sister will make you feel right at home... 

2nd outfit we changed into after the engagement ceremony proper was over and it was time to par-tay! Yah.. and I tied that gele myself! No need to stress out over non-issues... :-D

Shame I don't have a lot more engagement pictures.  Many of my friends were at work since it was a Thursday... :-(  But not to worry, the videographer K.Lala Films posted this clip on my Facebook Page so you have an even better view :-D

You can copy and paste the link into your browser.  I'm sure you'll have a laugh or two. 

Wedding Day!!!!!

Getting all glammed-up!  

I told ShoMya I wanted to look like a model on the runway not a "take-home to Mama sweet-looking bride".  Gosh!  I'm so sick of those looks!  I have always told everyone my eyelashes must be long enough to flick the light switches on and off! Haha!  

Ta-da!!!!  What dost thou think? :-D  My husband almost did a double-take when he lifted the veil... :-D

The Church Ceremony @ Wesley Cathedral, Olowogbowo, Apongbon, Lagos Island:

My dad and I walking down to "Here Comes the Bride" (I fought to get that tune played... enough plotting with the church office crew...haha)  & My husband and I when it was almost over!

And what do y'all say to my dress!!! :-D  Can't believe I finished them both the night before the wedding!  Clearly you can tell I didn't want the typical bridal gowns.  And yup!  I'm glad I made my dress though I made all efforts not to.  But when the gown I ordered came and I tried it on, I realized it was not me so decided to make what I wanted.  Katrina & Kofo, you guys are the best!  Stitching and prodding till 9pm to ensure all was in place!  You'll also hear this story later!  And oh... by the way... just so you know... the fan IS part of the dress! Haha! :-D

After the wedding ceremony... outside the church...

Looks pretty pixelated huh?  Wait... I found some online...

Seems they got a good family picture.  There's my mum on my right in the blue, my Uncle beside her, my brother Wale leaning back, my sister & maid of honor on AA's left, my staff, Tunde by the rail, My Dad's friend, gosh too many people in this picture... :-) 

My chief bridesmaid... oops scratch that!  MAID OF HONOUR!  My sister Temilola has made it a point of duty to ensure I call her Maid of Honour! Yup! :-D That's our Doctor of Hair for those of you who have gotten her "hair" broadcast on all sorts of weaves.  Hhmmnnnn... can't seem to find any picture of the best man, Lekan...  

Yup!  I had no bridal train.  Just the Best man & Maid of Honour.

The Reception @ The Haven, Archbishop Vining Compound, Oba Akinjobi Way, GRA Ikeja

Shame you can't really see the decor and the "Black & White" Hollywood Regency Theme much here...  The tables were sort of like meant to look like this... obviously with the glasses and all.  I'll get a better picture from my sister-in-law.  She has some on her iPad and it wasn't even the finished work.

Ok so picture this sample with glasses, black chair covers, chocolate candies in favor bags and snacks in those white trays... I don't think we used the LED candles at the end of the day.  It just looked too much.  My sister, Omolara and Yewande of Aquarian Touch did a FAB job!  Feedback I got was that it all looked TRES glam!  Shame I saw it when the whole place was filled with the over 1,400 guests we had set up for!

But hang on... I think the decorator may have some on her blog.  Yup!  Thought as much!  She does.  Though I can't see the same images my sister-in-law has, you can still check out some of the pictures on:

Warning... there is a lotta black!  Haha!

Great!  And moving on to....

The Cake!  Cakes by Andy Clark did SUCH a FAB job!  Stunning cake right?!

The Ushers from Darling 

Bimpe who supplied the ushers was just fabulous!  Thanks to Yewande of Aquarian Touch who recommended her!  Ok... they wore the same black dress but with a different waistband.  We needed a bit more white/silver since there was so much black in the hall already!  They looked soooo chic and hawt!  But they also WORKED!  I was impressed!  Will get the real pictures...

Some of the guests...

Adora & Bisola.... my KPMG colleagues and ex-Slackers crew (or what we used to call ourselves...) Wonder what happened to us... :-(  We all used to have so much fun as a group!  Guess work caught up with a lot of us!  Oh yeah... and some got posted outside the country.  Adora!  I still need my Slackers T-Shirt thank you!

Oh.. and there's one of my staff in the background.  Gosh... they worked tirelessly to deliver on all the clothes we had to make for the wedding, especially the ones for my mum and my siblings...

 Friends from Ife... L-R: Anu, Brownie, Chioma, Tunde, Ifeoma & Tope

Gosh it was so great!  People flew in from all over.  Abuja, Portharcourt, the UK, the UAE, Kenya... my goodness... I was just completely amazed!!!  I have never felt so loved in my entire life.  The buzz I got from this was wayyyyy more than I got on my birthday!!!  People actually going the extra mile.  I even had friends from Primary School, QC, KPMG, my LGE crew, my students (past and present), colleagues in the Industry, my NYSC ex-students, name it, they were there....  It was completely amazing and like a reunion for so many.... I was soooo happy!!!!!

AND our grand entrance... :-D

Can't imagine what was going through my head in that picture on the left! 8-/

Just got these off my friend Chioma.  Interesting that I don't even remember when all this was going on... But clearly that's me so I know I was there... haha...:-D

 And that is what we changed into after cutting the cake to do some more dancing!!! :-D

:-D :-D :-D  Shame you can't really see the structured panel lines in this dress... :-(

Gosh!  I danced and danced and partied and partied and of course... the best part... got sprayed!!! :-D :-D :-D  Thanks to the excellent band Mr Olamide of Peace & Joy Band all the way from Ibadan! You guys DEFINITELY HAVE TO use them at all your parties!  They are simply the best and the saxophonist was just FABULOUS!!!  I think we left at 8pm.  But the party wasn't over yet!  Thanks to DJ Atte of 102.7 Naija FM the party continued till who knows when?!  I know some people told me they got home at 12am.

Boy was it a FAB day!!!  I slept all weekend!  But in true Naija style, the parties were not over.  We continued the following weekend at the Thanksgiving in Ife where my husband's parents live.  And we got back on Monday.  And after the last round of partying, I was back in hospital after a relapse.  Too much partying they said!  Haha!!!  A different kind of stress from too much enjoyment!!!  But I am MUCH MUCH better now!!!!!  Looking forward to a whole new life ahead!

BOY!!!!  Looks like I've told you the whole story right?!  Well not quite!  This is just the beginning...  You just saw the end of it!  My next few posts will be how it all started.... right from the very beginning...

For those who are curious what my new name is now?  Well... my husband's name is Ayodeji Adewunmi.  But thankfully, I married a modern man who has told me I can still retain my maiden name.... so you can still call me Tope Williams.  :-D ... or if you feel better... Tope Williams-Adewunmi.  T.Williams or T.Williams-Adewunmi same difference... I'm still the same person all the way... :-D

Have a great weekend all!  And here's wishing my husband and I a HAPPY MARRIED LIFE and lots of God's guidance and blessings today and always.  Here's hoping and wishing you say a prayer for us too.

AMEN in advance!

Cheers!  MWAH!

Oh... PS.  I'll tell you how I met my husband (gosh.... that sounds so strangeeeee.....  I'm so used to calling him my friend when introducing him to people...) in another post.  But I'll give you a hint...  Check out this previous article... ;-D

Yup!  That's the HE!  Ayodeji Adewunmi, CEO of  Haha... classic case of "no dulling"! :-D :-D :-D

Oh PS!  PS!!

My phones are still inactive so if you can't reach me, please be patient.  My Blackberry should be active soon enough.  Or if it isn't, I'll be available end of July.  

The new stream of the Foundation Course begins about 2nd week in August 2013!  Will keep you posted.  

AND I do have plans to run the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors.  I have one person on board already though to be honest, I wasn't really sure how that would work out but God who has always been my Source of strength will always continue to be my Source!

(Yes you know me!  I had to chip in some work in there!  Who knows when next I'll have access to my laptop!) :-D  Looking forward to you joining the Course! 


Enjoy!  MWAH!!!


  1. Lovely!!!! Beautiful wedding, wish you a more beautiful married life. I like how you were all covered up (y) :*

  2. Thank you so much!!! Amen!!! Muchos gracias! Much appreciated!!!

    Lol re the comment "all covered up". All it takes is a piece of cloth. Was hoping the fan could do that since I didn't want to wear the normal bolero. But I still felt it was important to cover my shoulders since it was church and I usually am very cautious about what I wear to church. It's a personal thing for me.... wouldn't want to distract people and all. Besides, you can always yank the covering off and still look fabulous in your pictures if you feel it's cramping your style when you're done... ;-)

  3. Indeed, it was a beautiful wedding and we had an absolutely smashing time with such a beautiful couple! God bless your home darling.

    1. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! Thank you so very much!!! I am so glad you made it and I'm even happier you enjoyed it! :-D

  4. Happy married life....u look fab.

  5. Where's the honeymoon @?

  6. Absolutely beautiful...and you really look stunning in that engagement picture. Love the cakes and the dress too...

    Hope to see more pictures and yes, waiting for the 'how we met' series too.

    Here's wishing you a very blissful married life full of love, peace and God's goodness.

    1. :-D Thank you!!! Oh yes you'll see more pictures. Have the pictures from the photographer now so I can begin my series... :-D

      Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! Thank you so very much!

  7. It was a colourful event, congrats

  8. Hi TW..your wedding was superB!!! I absolutely like the Black and White concept looks like KiM K wedding venue(since you planed it,you should be an official wedding ooo) and the Trad and white wedding cake,OMO! That's was beautiful.thanks for sharing this.God Bless Your Union,Mwah

    1. Oh really? HAHA! I better check out Kim K's wedding pictures then.

      You know... I really should be a wedding planner to be honest! I have told my sisters we can do this. We sourced for 90% of all the stud we needed, right down to center pieces and paper plates and serviettes ourselves, my sisters surfed the web for ages to get exactly what I wanted and sent them to me and it didn't cost as much as people thought. Honestly, I really need to consider it.

      Good thing is I plan for the series to be a "how-to" kind of series. I was trying to break mindsets with this wedding and ensure I didn't have to break the bank to get what i wanted and thank God for His mercies.

      Don't worry.... watch out for the series. I finally have the pictures so it will be exciting posting them.

      AMEN!!! MWAH!!!

  9. Happy married life T.williams Adewunmi. Welcome to the club. Work hard at it & it will be a beutiful home for u both. Cheers

    1. Amen!!! Thank you so much! I totally plan to work on this. Much harder with God's guidance all the way...

  10. Congrats again. lovely wedding and everything was simply gorgeous. Wish you all the best in this new season of your life. xoxo

    1. Thank you SO VERY MUCH Funmi! And THANK YOU for attending! I really am very grateful! Looking forward to you resuming classes!

  11. congrats babe. you really did well. I missed the beats. One last slacker... soon off the shelf

    1. Yes you did! And I will always rub it in. Haha. Oh nice..... give me the details put-lease!

  12. Congratulations Tope, after the first class I attended last weekend, i was eager to see what your wedding gown look like since u mentioned it during the lecture. To be sincere with you its beautiful and uncommon. you looked calm and beautiful in all your outfits. May your marriage be blessed with all that you need and desire. I pray God's love, peace and understanding continue to abide in your home. Happy married life to both of you.


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