Martwayne | Power Through Fashion: July 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013

A Strange Form of Encouragement... those of us (and that includes me) getting pretty frustrated that things seem to be taking too long; the impatient ones who expect that things will take off overnight; and all who criticize and discourage those trying to reach that goal by passing cutting remarks and unconstructive criticisms...

Take solace in my notable quote for the day...

Engage Your Children these Term Holidays! Register them for the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors (ages 10 - 16).

Hello Everyone!!! Yes I am BACK to work after my long but EXTREMELY restful and rewarding vacation!  Best vacation I ever had.  Amazing how many of us do not understand the value of taking breaks and holidays.  I tell you, it is the best feeling ever.  And I definitely plan on taking a vacation every year to do nothing but eat and sleep! 

Oh... before I start this post, the wedding pictures have arrived! Yaye! :-D  Somehow I managed to sort through the over 2,000 pictures so now I can start the "wedding series" posts I spoke about.  And yes... I know I owe quite a few... Since I had very little access to my system during the break (thankfully) I was unable to do much.  


Before then, let's talk about our next project, the Basic Fashion Course for Juniors! 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Breaking the Silence With Some Wedding Pictures!!! :-D

Yes people!!!  This is the reason I have been incommunicado for the past month or so.  I made a deliberate attempt to stay away from anything work-related so I could focus on the wedding.... or so I thought anywayz.  Actually to be honest, this was the reason I had been on and off work since this year started since the wedding was meant to hold in March 2013 but it was moved because of the Lenten season (or is it Lent?).  Anywayz... the move was a blessing in disguise because it gave me even more time to plan!  :-D And plan I did... since I planned the whole wedding myself.  Haha.... I wish!  Couldn't have done much without the HUGE MASSIVE HELP from my sisters (BIG MASSIVE MWAH! to both of them), my parents (MWAH! MWAH!!) and pretty much all my family, friends, employees and vendors  (MWAH! MWAH!! MWAH!!!) who ensured all went great!  I will be forever grateful to God, my husband, my in-laws and every single person who made all this possible and who worked tirelessly to ensure I had a smile on my face at all times!  To be honest, I can't think of anything that went wrong (apart from my falling ill but I'm sure no one could tell).  Feedback on the wedding has been TRES FAB!!!  Not one negative comment at all!  In fact at some point, I heard people were begging to stop being served food and people were carting off bottles of drinks, wine and spirits as souvenirs!  Haha!  And everyone had fun!!!  Or so I have been told...  

Okay... so I've pretty much been banned from picking up calls, responding to BB messages and uploading pictures on my blog throughout the wedding period since I landed in hospital just days before the wedding.  Yours truly worked till the Friday before the wedding week and ended up being admitted in hospital (malaria and typhoid they said... triggered by stress)! :-(  In fact I was discharged the day before the engagement ceremony.  And the ban is still on till now... that's why I'm up this late posting this!

But anywayz... no stories in this post!  The stories will come later (all Parts 1 to like 10 of them haha no jokes).  I'm here just to upload the pictures I stole from my friends' BB display pictures so you all can understand why I've been away this whole year.  I haven't actually seen the pictures the photographer took but once I get them, I'll upload them.  Trust me, they'll be much nicer than these ones.  The guy is just too good!  If y'all need a photographer, Ayodeji Samuel Adekoya (formerly known as Majickbrush Photography is the one to call).  Here's what his work looks like.  

My bottle of perfume & the make-up artist working on me! I told you he was good! ;-D

I'll tell you how I heard about him later.  And don't worry, you'll get the directory of all the vendors I used.  I have told them I will tell everyone who cares to listen how GREAT they were! They had BETTER BE nicer than these ones since they'll be edited.  But enjoy the pictures... :-D

Starting with the engagement pictures!!!  :-D :-D :-D

(WHAT???!!! Who's THAT chic?!)  THAT's NOT ME!!! And what says you about my necklace???!!! Haha! :-D  

Even I couldn't recognize myself when the make-up artist, Elaine of ShoMya was done!)  She is just TRES FAB!!! The BEST!  She got exactly what I wanted and I didn't even do a trial because I was in hospital.  Now THAT was a risk worth taking!  If y'all need a make-up artist, Elaine is definitely the one to go for!  But anywayz, don't worry, you'll hear all the stories will come later.

And YES!  I tied 2 geles.  Will explain why in later posts. :-D