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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Register for FEC2: "How to Develop a Concept / Idea into Clothing & How to Draw" - Saturday 6 April @ 12 noon

Hello Everyone!!!  Hope you've had a great week!

This is just a quick update on our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (Volume 2) which will now hold next Saturday, 6 April, 2013.  We had to move it due to the Easter weekend based on requests and be honest... I think I also need a break. ;-)  

For those who have not attended any of the Volumes in our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course, I'll give a brief overview of what the Course is about and, particularly what Volume 2 is about.

The Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (FEC) was developed to teach the step by step process involved in starting a clothing line.  Targeted at fashion enthusiasts who love fashion and would love to know how to start off, the Course teaches the creative and business sides of fashion... right from how to come up with your designs to how to sell your clothes and make a profit.  As with our other courses, we teach from scratch!  

Volume 2 of the FEC teaches the creative process, particularly how to come up with your designs from an idea or a concept.  This, of course, is the starting point of the design process and what eventually becomes the finished product.  Since we need to communicate our ideas to our customers and also our production team, the Volume also teaches how to draw.  

What previous participants have liked about Volume 2 is the fact that it develops the creative parts of their brains, many understood how to come up with their designs and those who believed they could not draw realized they actually could. And so can you!  If you have been struggling so far with coming up with your designs, you need to attend FEC 2.   

Course Details:

Date:              Saturday, 6 April, 2013
Time:             12 noon (please arrive by 11.30am)
Venue:           The Martwayne Training Center, Surulere, Lagos
Course Fees:   N10,000 (includes all training materials)

Registration Details: Cash / Online Bank Transfer into:

Account Name:       Martwayne Dynamiques
Account Number:   101 223 3897
Bank Name:           Zenith Bank Plc.

Do include your phone number when making the deposit / transfer. 

Please please please prior registration for the Course is very important to enable us prepare the materials and plan for participants.  Since we have limited seats available, the address would be made available only to those who register for the Course so we do not have a situation (like we have had before) where we have more students than seats and materials available.  

Should you choose to locate us before the day to be sure we are genuine before you register, you may contact us through any of the means below and we can confirm a set appointment for us to meet during the week before the Course.  

Our Contact Details as always remain:

Telephone Numbers:  0809 787 6075, 0813 298 7824
E-Mail Address: (cc:
BB Pin:                      296CB9FD
Twitter Handle:         @topewilliams

Please do not forget the phone number.  We need it to enable us send you the address once we get the notification.  If you do not hear from us by the next day after you have registered, please send us a message via any of the means above and we will definitely contact you asap.

Great!  So all you do once you've registered and received the sms is show up on the day with your deposit slip.  All you need will be provided for you on the day.

Do arrive early.  We start by 12noon sharp.

Excellent!  Do have a great long weekend ahead!   Happy Easter in advance and see you next Saturday!


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  1. Wat abt fans dat stay in abj?aw do u intend to help us?do u do classes in abj???


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