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Monday, March 4, 2013

One Theme, Three Different Interpretations... Excellent Work from my Amazing Corps Members...:-D

Hello Everyone!!!  Hope you had a great start to the month!  

I suddenly realized that I have been a  bit silent on some of my training activities.  Contrary to what some of you might think, I may have been a bit silent on the blog but my workload has soooo not reduced.  I completed the Fashion Entrepreneurship Course for Corps Members (FECM), ended and started another Level 1a stream of the Foundation Course in Fashion Design, am currently running 2 Level 1b streams and about to move to Level 2a and in between, I have managed to speak to various people at various events.  I think the only thing that has pretty much suffered is my admin work which has managed not to reduce as the days go by :-(

BUT anywayz.... here I am telling you about the recently concluded FECM training.  To say I was completely impressed with those who handed in their final projects is such an understatement.  There I was thinking I had given them an impossible task since I was not really sure if many of them could remember all I taught them during the Course.  But alas, when those who handed in their projects did so, my jaw hit the ground.  Turns out I underestimated them and this only proves that all it takes really is to point people in the right direction and you will be amazed at what they will churn out.

You check out the stories behind the collection and tell me you are not impressed!

SO I gave them the theme "Serendipity" and told them to come up with a collection with at least 3 garments.  As expected, neither of them had a clue what that meant but took on the challenge.  Of course by now, they had already learnt how to develop a theme into items of clothing and how to come up with their designs but the challenge was really to see if they could replicate all I had taught them and reflect the knowledge gained in this theme.

Well... only 3 of them handed in the project.  Some got stuck along the way, others had excuses but the 3 who handed in the work had great stories to tell.  I implore you to look beyond the illustration and focus more on the thought process.  Without copying each other's work, they explained their process from scratch.  I already told them I would post their work on my blog and they gave their consent.  Apologies the pictures are a tad bit blurred but then again, I'm glad.  Don't want people copying someone else's work, which really is the practice around here.  Very annoying! >-(  Heard about an incident last week in the events management industry and I was appalled!

Anywayz, for those who do not know, Serendipity is the act of discovering a pleasant surprise by accident or when you are not searching for it.  So here goes.  Enjoy the work!

1.  A Valentine Surprise by Naomi Yahaya

So Naomi during her brainstorming session thought about the next event coming up that involved pleasant surprises so naturally, she focused on Valentine's Day.  Being the season of love, she focused on using warm colours which also reflected the emotions and excitement the day stands for.

In translating the concept of pleasant surprises in her garments, she basically created designs that had hidden surprises in them and her designs were self-explanatory. 

Her first design was a fitted dress buttoned together in the skirt area.  When the buttons are unfastened, a panelled circle skirt with the different warm colours falls out transforming the gown into a ball gown.

Her 2nd design was a jump suit with a huge belt.  When the belt is taken off, the skirt portion is released transforming the jumpsuit into panelled skirts with the different colours in her colourway.

The 3rd design is a short dress with ribbons in the side.  The ribbons hold up the circle skirt fastened with the ribbons, so of course when the ribbon is unfastened, the circle skirt portion falls out, giving a mermaid silhouette.

Her 4th design is a skirt with a zip hidden under a decorative flower.  When the side panel of the skirt is unzipped, the colourful portion of the skirt is released.  

Of course it all sounded great in theory but I challenged Naomi to explain how exactly she would construct the garment.  And she was clearly prepared for that.  

In her fifth design, a fitted gown which included design details similar to the first design, her surprises were hidden in the sleeves and in the hemline of the short dress.  The colourful attachments were hidden in the hemlines and sleeves and zipped tightly.  You can clearly see from the picture on the left detailed "technical" drawings of how she plans to sew the garment, complete with close ups, seam allowances and measurements.  I was completely blown away!  I could imagine this on the runway with the audience oohing and ahhing when the model struts her stuff!  I am still beaming! :-D

Here are pictures of Naomi explaining her work to the class:


2.  The Peacock Gait by Mofehintioluwa Opatayo

Mofehintioluwa had a completely different approach to the same task.  From her brainstorming session, she was able to link serendipity to radiance, confidence, pride and a peacock.  So she focused on a beauty pageant which would feature her clothes in a parade or on the runway which a splash of many colours - reminiscent of a peacock's feathers.

According to her, "In a beauty pageant, the contestants were housed and observed for a couple of weeks.  Designers were then assigned to each contestant to design clothes reflecting their personalities.  A self confident and proud contestant who has so many sides to her was assigned to me".

The great thing about Mofehintioluwa's work was that she was able to carry her design details right through her collection.  You can clearly see similar features right through the different garments, which had similar silhouettes, design details and colourways.  Due to time constraints, she didn't complete her work but she clearly explained the feature of each garment to the class though she did confess that illustrating her ideas were a serious challenge for her.  In fact, she was really shy when explaining her work to the class, perhaps because of her illustration BUT the great thing is she made an excellent attempt and she can clearly explain her thought process to whoever would construct the garments.  

For me, the drawing was not really a problem.  With practice, it will become much better.  Take it from someone who could not draw a straight line without a ruler or a circle without a compass.  Truth be told, all she needs is a good illustrator who can clearly communicate her thoughts on paper.  

Here are her pictures...

2.  A Birthday Splash by Adetutu Adejuwon

I guess her picture says it all.  So her collection was about a garment for a young lady who just turned 18.  And she clearly thought about the whole thing - the hair, jewellery and shoes.  What I loved about the collection was her ability to create designs which easily went from daywear to evening wear.

I guess even trying to explain the work would not do as much justice as you simply following her arrows.  The great thing was the images were done in black ink so you can see them clearly.  And she is pretty good with her illustrations.  You can clearly see how one garment clearly translates into the other.  And here is Adetutu explaining her work to the class:

Can I get a round of applause for all 3 students puh-lease!!!  They really deserve it!  We had more students when we started the class but seeing this was the last day of class, the other half didn't show up :-(.  But still I am glad that these students followed it through.

So what is the moral of my story?!  As designers, we all have our own unique signatures.  Granted some of us have similar thought processes and design philosophies but when you work with themes, yes it may seem like a daunting task at first but eventually you will be amazed at the work you will churn out.  And more importantly, you will see that there is no need to copy people's work.  And even if you did create the same design as someone else, which you probably will as a designer since we all are pretty much influenced by the same thing, you can confidently challenge anyone who accuses you since you are working with a thought process.

And if you want to learn how to come up with your own designs using the processes I taught the Corps Members, then you have to register for FEC 2: "How to Develop a Concept into Clothing for Your Collection".  We will also teach participants how to draw under the module "Figure Sketching for Fashion Design".

So do note down the date, 30 March, 2013. It will take place at out Training Center in Surulere and the fees are N10,000 only.  I will provide the details in a separate post.  


Congratulations to the Corps Members on a job well done and on their Passing Out Ceremony.  If any designer needs any of these 3 for an internship position, do let me know and I will see if they are available.  

Here's me wishing you an excellent month ahead!


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