Martwayne | Power Through Fashion: February 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

Is it REALLY About the Fabric or What You Can Do WITH the Fabric?!

ABSOLUTELY stunning work right?!  Yes I thought so too.  

I was browsing the Fedisa Facebook page (yes that's the design school I graduated from) sometime last year when I stumbled upon this absolutely fabulous draping exercise created by a 1st year student, entirely out of calico!  For those who have no idea what calico is, it's commonly called Teru in the local market.  YES!  This dress was draped from mere "teru"... what many of my students think is crap material which they can never wear.  I told them it was because they hadn't seen good work done in calico.  

So this post really is for my students, past and present.  I am hoping they read this article, which will hopefully change their mindsets and also prove what I say.... that "it's never about the fabric but what you can do with the fabric"!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Specialization Within the Fashion Industry...

So I was having a chat with a friend about my big day coming up when the following question (like I wasn't expecting it) comes up:

"I bet you're sewing your own wedding gown right"?  

My response?  "Errr.... no."  

Next question, "Why not?"  My response?  "Well... first, I really don't want to stress myself seeing I completed my outfit for my Introduction a few hours before the event" and "secondly, I am not really into bridal wear.  I am more into corporatewear".  

Question 3:  "But I thought you were an all-rounder".  

My answer?  "Well... yes... so are doctors but they still specialize in certain areas". [Straight-face-emoticon]!

And I believe that was the end of that conversation.

Or what says you?  I know I am yet to see a doctor who operates as a heart surgeon, a gynaecologist, a brain surgeon, an ENT specialist, a GP and a neurologist all in one right.  And I should know.  My dad and brother are doctors and I lived with like 3 medical students in Uni.