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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Start Dates for Martwayne's Fashion Training Programmes...

Hello Everyone!!!!!

Hope you had a great start to the week!  We are almost at the end of January 2013 and I am sure, by now, many of us are completely over the holiday mood and getting into the full swing of things.  GREAT!  So am I! :-D

And of course, what better way to start off the year than to send a schedule of our activities for the year.... ok..well... not exactly the whole year but our schedule in the next few months.  Starting with our Training Courses...

YES!  We launched these last year... and loved them to bits!  And here we are with a summary of the tentative start dates for the courses....and a new one... for the year.

Foundation Course in Fashion Design (MFC):

YES!  Our favourite sewing class targeted at those who want to start a fashion business.  Many who have attended Level 1a of the Course will confirm we teach more than just the sewing aspect.

The next stream will begin 9 February 2013.

Classes for Level 1a are usually on Saturdays only from 3pm - 7pm.  However, we will be introducing a weekday option for those who are available during the week and who would like to complete the Course in a shorter time.

Will give you more details in a separate post.

Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (FEC):

:-D  I sure have missed running these interactive training sessions targeted at anyone who plans to or already operates in the Fashion Industry.  It teaches the step-by-step processes involved in starting a clothing line.  

Similar to last year, each Volume (except Volume 1) will hold every last Saturday of the month (Environmental Saturdays) and the sessions will run at the Training Center.  

Volume 1 will hold on Saturday, 9 February, 2013 at 3pm.

Basic Fashion Course for Juniors [ages 10 - 16] (BFCJ):  

I thoroughly enjoyed running this Course and plan to continue running it during the long vacation.  Working with the younger ones was quite tasking but I loved it to bits!

The next Course will begin on Tuesday, 30 July, 2013 and will run from Tuesdays to Thursdays for 4 weeks from 10am - 3pm.

Basic Course in Pattern-Making (MCP):

We have introduced a new course targeted at those who are interested in learning the art of pattern-making.  Truth is... it is pretty painful that players in this environment are not taking full advantage of the many job descriptions that exist within the Fashion Industry.

So for those who plan to carve a niche for themselves in this area or can already sew but would love to learn the art of pattern-making, you need to attend this course.  The plan is to churn out a group of professionals that can service the industry as designers are in dire need of support in this area.

The tentative start date for this Course will be announced in due course.

I'll provide more details as we go along.

GREAT!  I think that's all for now.  Get ready to start receiving my e-mails, smses and Blackberry broadcasts!  

And before you ask.... yes Designers Connect is still part of what we have planned for this year.  I will provide the details of that in another post!

Have a great week people and enjoy the rest of your day!



Oh... PS!  I'll post pictures of the class we're running when they're done with their work and some pictures of the Level 1b class.  Look out for them.  Cheers!


  1. Hey Tope can you be more specific on the FECs. What would you be running for each month? That would help with students registering on time and planning our calendar.

  2. Hello Jane,

    Many thanks for that. My bad. I have listed below the specific times and dates for the FECs. They will also be listed on the right side of the screen above each specific flyer.

    The specific times and dates are:

    FEC 1: 3pm, 9 February, 2013;
    FEC 2: 12 noon, 30 March, 2013;
    FEC 3: 12 noon, 27 April, 2013;
    FEC 4: 12 noon, 25 May, 2013;
    FEC 5: 12 noon, 27 July, 2013;
    FEC 6: 12 noon, 31 August, 2013;
    FEC 7: 10am, 28 September, 2013;
    Basic Accounting & Tax for Fashion Design: 12 noon, 26 October, 2013.

  3. How do we register for the foundation course snd are their special requirements

  4. Hello Onyinye,

    Can you please send an e-mail to or Or add us on BB: 296CB9FD if you have one so I can explain the whole process to you. You can also visit this link:

    It gives a brief overview of how to register for the Course.

    Many many thanks and I look forward to you joining the Course.



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