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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

GREAT! NOW for Designers Connect and Its Plans for 2013! :-D

Ok... I sure hope you all have not forgotten about Designers Connect!  I sure haven't... and though I wasn't visibly active with the group after the main event, some designers who made contact got a few of the benefits the Network had to offer.

SO though I have been a bit silent, I have not been inactive.  I have actually been doing some groundwork on how to put sustainable structures in place as well as try to get funding and/or sponsorship to move the Network forward seeing all costs incurred in the past were on my bill.... which I obviously cannot continue to do.  So the question now is what is the way forward?!

Well first, at this point, I can say that the tentative date for the next meet-up will be 19 May, 2012.  Recall from previous posts that I did say we would not have regular events to enable people have something to look forward to lest we all get bored.  Unlike last year, it will not be a free event.  I was quite pained that many who attended did not patronize the venue so they lost out both ways.  So the fees will be used to pay for the venue and the publicity for the event.  I haven't fixed a fee for it yet but don't worry, it will be very affordable - just a mere token.

Second, the event proper will also highlight and address a major concern designers worldwide have and I spent the past few months discussing it with someone who seems to have a solution to the problem.  I won't talk about what it is now but once the flyer comes out, you will know what it is about.

Third, in order to put sustainable structures in place, we need to employ 1 or 2 people to assist in managing the affairs of the Network.  I spent last year sourcing joiners for people, managing the database, forwarding e-mails to members of the Group, following up on designers' requirements, conducting research, etc... which not only severely affected my own business but left a lot of things unfinished.  Clearly this cannot continue if we all want this to last.  Needless to say it was completely exhausting!  

SO make things more effective, I am proposing a small annual subscription fee for Members to enable us run and manage the affairs of the Network more effectively.  It will be a mere token - members will obviously enjoy certain benefits non-members will not have, such as discounted entry fees to organized events.   Once I am done with the paperwork, I will reveal this in a separate post.

Last, but not the least, I am also working towards a Designers Connect Network Fair.  This is still brewing.  I don't have the full details yet but as soon as I have dotted my "i"s and crossed my "t"s, I'll let you in on it.  The Fair will probably hold in November 2013 by God's grace.

So there you have it then!  Please don't give up hope on the Network yet.  Once we have the structures in place and things are up and running, we will provide the required information.  And here's hoping the Network lives up to what we all hope it will provide.  This is not about me here.  It is about providing the support needed to enable all operators in the Nigerian Fashion Industry work together to tackle the many challenges plaguing the Industry.

Here's hoping I can count on your support to see this through.

Many thanks!

Do have a successful week ahead!


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