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Thursday, December 5, 2013

And Still on the Subject of Decent / Indecent Dressing...

... I was just going through someone's blog articles when I stumbled yet again on this picture...

Creativity vs Decency... What is Fashion Design Really About?!

So sometime last week, I was catching up on old posts and pictures in a Blackberry Group when I stumbled on this picture with its title: "Wardrobe Malfunction or Designer Error".

Ok I must warn you, the picture is quite.... errr.... (a-hem!) not quite sure which word to use but anyway you see for yourself...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Food for Thought... Salary vs Enjoyment

So whilst searching for pictures on my previous post on Salary vs Commission Payment, I stumbled upon this picture:

I thought it was pretty interesting especially the "Creatives" section...

You can read the rest of the article here:

Real food for thought...

Money Matters - Commission vs Salary... Which is the Better Option for Your Tailors?!

So I had almost forgotten what this blog looked like.  It's been ages since I uploaded a post.  Not sure what exactly happened to me.  After the initial glitches I had trying to post a new article, I just kind of got distracted and lost interest for a bit....  Guess everyone has those moments...  

BUT anyways here I am posting another article.  I am scared to say "I'm back" just in case I abscond for another few days... but I'll try not to. :-D

For those who kept visiting and posting comments, especially the amazing one on "Dare to Dream...", thanks a lot!  Nothing better than knowing that your articles add value to people and I am glad to know it helped.

Great!  So what am I chatting about today???

MONEY MATTERS!!!!!  The major problem EVERYONE has!!!  But I'll limit what I have to say to the major question most designers who run production units ask at every event, every seminar and pretty much at every opportunity:

"Should I pay my workers per piece or should I put them on a salary?"

THAT people is the million-dollar question and here is my take on it.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Describe What Your Business Does in 1 Short Paragraph.

I often wonder why companies around here find it difficult to tell us what they do in one or two sentences without making us go through the trouble of reading through an epistle.  I'm sure if you ask the guys in the cartoon up there what they do, they'll just use one word or max a sentence.  But ask someone around here what they do and they come at you with a barrage of words that leaves you completely confused when they are done.  

Case in point No 1.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dare to Dream... The Power of Positive Confessions. [Part 1 - How It All Began...]

Pre-Wedding Shoot by Ayodeji Samuel

Ok so I've finally found the liver to tell my long-overdue story.  To be honest, I had written it several times in my head but for some reason never posted it.  I guess after receiving more wedding gifts over the weekend from 2a students and the sermon on Sunday, I decided it was finally time... perhaps what worked for me would also work for someone out there.

I actually have no clue how to start so I guess I'll start from what I think is the beginning... 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Torn Between Entrepreneurship & Employment

So I'm chatting to a Blackberry contact about her intention to register for the Foundation Course when she suddenly asks me this question out of the blue:


"Do you think it is worthwhile for a young graduate from another discipline entirely to stick to fashion design without first working at her own qualification or you'll rather advise that such a fellow works for a number of years and fall back to the fashion industry?"

The reason is I have 2 degrees in a completely unrelated field from fashion and I do have a bias for what I studied.  After a long series of processes, a company has called me for a position in this field but I do not want to let go of my fashion business.  I have built it to a certain level and have a steady clientele but I also want to have a feel of the organizational structure out there to justify my many years of academic hard work.

Unfortunately, I do not have a business system that can run without me in place yet.  I have been doing 70% of the work so right now, without me my business cannot continue.  I have a family and young children to take care of, with the huge demands of the type of work, with the possibility of working weekends, and my family commitments, I will have no time for the business.

Some have opined that I can hardly combine work and my business altogether effectively.  What do I do? :_("

_________________(edited to protect the identity of the contact).

Don't worry she's aware I'm posting this as I asked her permission.  I try not to break my code of confidentiality but I thought it would help to post this since I am sure many people out there are facing this same predicament (even if not in the field of fashion).  

This is not the first time people have sought my opinion on similar matters and my heart really went out to her.  I could really identify with her predicament and can only imagine how tough the decision must be for her.  However, I did not bat an eyelid when I gave her the following response...

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Frustrated Entrepreneur's Take on the "Freebie" Mentality

So I'm going through my e-mails this morning and came across this hilarious e-mail from Efe Imiren of  As hilarious as it was though, I could completely identify with the guy's frustration as s/he typed it out.  

But anywayz, Efe's E-Mail titled: "What To Do When People Don't Value Your Ideas" speaks for itself.  I, for one, can completely identify with his frustration.  I lifted it as is so you read it and decide if the writer is justified.  

Monday, July 29, 2013

A Strange Form of Encouragement... those of us (and that includes me) getting pretty frustrated that things seem to be taking too long; the impatient ones who expect that things will take off overnight; and all who criticize and discourage those trying to reach that goal by passing cutting remarks and unconstructive criticisms...

Take solace in my notable quote for the day...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lessons to Learn from 2 Year Olds...

Pictures obtained from Blackberry contacts

Pretty inspiring pictures right?  Yes I thought so too.  I stumbled upon them in my picture library a few minutes ago... pictures I had saved because they taught me a very important lesson.  And since there is love in sharing, I decided to share them on my blog! :-D

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Real Meaning of the Word "Couture"...

OOPS!  I did it again! :-(

Yes these 2 emoticons just about capture exactly how I feel right now! :-(  Pretty embarrassing that it's been exactly a month since I last updated my blog.  I really need to start fining myself.

Has it been really hectic for me?!  Well... sort of... but clearly that is not an excuse right?!  I thought so too.  My bad!  I wish I could say it will not happen again but honestly, I am not so sure.  All I can offer is my apologies...and hope you all give me time to sort myself out.  It will be busy in the next few weeks.

Great!  That said!  Moving on to today's topic...

So it is pretty common for fashion companies here (and I am sure in many parts of the world) to include the word "couture" in their brand names.  Of course the word "couture" sounds so posh, it actually took me ages to figure out the real pronunciation.  

Yes we do know it is a French word but I often wonder if many people who use the word in their brand names actually know the meaning or have the right to use the word.  

NOW please note that the purpose of this post is not to call anyone ignorant... neither is it to get anyone to change their already registered business names.  It is simply for knowledge purposes.  I know someone once asked me if she needed to change her business name after our discussion and her research and I told her it was not necessary since a business name is different from a brand/trade name.  I'm sure lawyers can educate us more on this.

But anywayz... back to the topic... What does couture actually mean?!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Is it REALLY About the Fabric or What You Can Do WITH the Fabric?!

ABSOLUTELY stunning work right?!  Yes I thought so too.  

I was browsing the Fedisa Facebook page (yes that's the design school I graduated from) sometime last year when I stumbled upon this absolutely fabulous draping exercise created by a 1st year student, entirely out of calico!  For those who have no idea what calico is, it's commonly called Teru in the local market.  YES!  This dress was draped from mere "teru"... what many of my students think is crap material which they can never wear.  I told them it was because they hadn't seen good work done in calico.  

So this post really is for my students, past and present.  I am hoping they read this article, which will hopefully change their mindsets and also prove what I say.... that "it's never about the fabric but what you can do with the fabric"!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Specialization Within the Fashion Industry...

So I was having a chat with a friend about my big day coming up when the following question (like I wasn't expecting it) comes up:

"I bet you're sewing your own wedding gown right"?  

My response?  "Errr.... no."  

Next question, "Why not?"  My response?  "Well... first, I really don't want to stress myself seeing I completed my outfit for my Introduction a few hours before the event" and "secondly, I am not really into bridal wear.  I am more into corporatewear".  

Question 3:  "But I thought you were an all-rounder".  

My answer?  "Well... yes... so are doctors but they still specialize in certain areas". [Straight-face-emoticon]!

And I believe that was the end of that conversation.

Or what says you?  I know I am yet to see a doctor who operates as a heart surgeon, a gynaecologist, a brain surgeon, an ENT specialist, a GP and a neurologist all in one right.  And I should know.  My dad and brother are doctors and I lived with like 3 medical students in Uni.