Martwayne | Power Through Fashion: December 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012; HELLO 2013!!! :-D :-D :-D

Wow.. what can I say?!  I remember exactly what I was doing this time last year, updating this blog... only last year I was torn between going to church for the crossover service or staying indoors and watching the crossover service live on TV.  Well I stayed indoors and watched it live but guess what?! It was NOT the same @ all... so I am not making the same mistake this year.  I am going there LIVE and direct... well I'm like 45 minutes late but you know what they say... better late than never!

I will be back soon enough though BUT I just had to have a 31 December 2012 date on my blog :-D  Sneaky yes I know but guess what?!  You can only have one 31 December 2012 and I will not let it go to waste... especially seeing I cannot turn back the hands of time!

So off I am to church!  Enjoy the very best of what 2012 has to offer and I will be back in 2013 by God's grace!

Have fun and have a BLESSED 2013 ahead!  May all your wishes come true in this New Year... and remember... it is never too late... 2012 may have come and gone but guess what the reality is - 1 January 2013 is just another day!... probably no different from this morning.  Only the date will change so forget all the noise we make about the start of a new year.  What is more important is the fact that with each new day comes new promises, new plans and new resolutions!  So please... don't beat yourself up over broken resolutions and unrealized dreams.   Just be thankful that you are able to see the end of one day and the start of another.  Once you acknowledge that, get your notepad out and make your plans for the year, same way you'll make your plans for the new week or new day!  Don't forget work starts on 2 January 2013!  So get your act together!  (And this goes for me as well)!

May His Grace be with us all tonight, in the New Year and wayyyy beyond that!  


Friday, December 28, 2012

Martwayne Media Mentions...

2 Feet Africa Magazine - January 2013 edition

Now someone please tell me if there is a better way to end 2012 and kick off 2013!!! :-D :-D :-D   This year sure has been a great one for me!  First there was the ThisDay Style article about Designers Connect, then the BusinessDay article and then THIS ONE!!!! This DEFINITELY has got to be one of the highlights in 2012.  For me, getting on the cover not just for being a designer but for being an entrepreneur is the real ISH!

And like that was not enough, my article "Dressing with a Conscience" came out on Pages 44 - 47 in Today's Lifeline magazine.  And I didn't get one teeny weeny corner.  I got 3 full pages!  Like wow!  I am grinning so hard now my jaws actually ache!

 Pages 1 & 3 of my Article...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

With Compliments of the Season...

Apologies!  Apologies!! Apologies everyone!!!  Yes all I can do at this point is apologize for abandoning the blog for a while now (insert-covering-my-face-emoticon-in-here).  It HAS been hectic!!!  

BUT before I go into any stories, first let me wish you "Happy Holidays" and a belated "Merry Christmas"!!!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and more importantly, got the blessings and good tidings the season had to offer.  I pray the hope brought about by the significance of His Birth remains with you always, well into the New Year and beyond!

Great!  Back to my apologies...